A Small Plane Crashed In Maryland And Became Entangled In Electrical Lines
A Small Plane Crashed In Maryland And Became Entangled In Electrical Lines

A Small Plane Crashed In Maryland And Became Entangled In Electrical Lines

Sunday night, a jet crashed into an electrical tower in Montgomery County, Maryland, knocking off electricity for tens of thousands of residents.

After the plane crashed on Sunday evening in Montgomery County, Maryland, in the state of Maryland, two passengers were recovered early Monday morning from the aircraft, which was left dangling from power lines at a height of one hundred feet. After being entrapped in the debris for several hours following the accident of the little plane, the pilot and passenger of the plane were eventually freed by rescue crews.

To verify that there was no lingering electricity running through the structure, the crews had to first de-energise the electric tower and then ground it. The jet had to be tied to the tower in order to prevent it from falling during the rescue operation, according to the officials. At approximately 6:15 p.m., the plane reportedly collided with the power lines in the Montgomery Village neighbourhood of Gaithersburg, according to the Fox affiliate WTTG in Washington, D.C.

Pete Piringer, the Chief Spokesperson for the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, stated on Twitter that a tiny plane with two passengers onboard was dangling about one hundred feet in the air. According to the post, none of the occupants sustained any injuries, and emergency personnel had already arrived at the location.

After dark, a thick fog descended upon the area, which made the search and rescue operation more difficult. According to Pepco’s reports, the plane crash left around 85,000 of the company’s customers without power.

As of early Monday morning, the electricity had been restored for all Pepco customers with the exception of 911. Because of the power outage, Montgomery County Public Classrooms announced on its Twitter account that schools will be closed on Monday.

Sunday evening, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement confirming the incident and providing the following information regarding the number of individuals that were on board the small plane.

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