Parents In Conundrum, As Vaccination Slots For 5-11yo Open Up In Maryland

Parents In Conundrum, As Vaccination Slots For 5-11 to Open Up In Maryland

After the Federal regulators gave a green signal to COVID-19’s vaccination on Tuesday, for young kids aged 5-11, the parents are muddled whether they should enroll their kids in it or should refrain, now that the delta variant seems to be in retreat.

Nearly 200,000 bookings were seen across the state for doses for youngsters. About a third of youngsters have already registered themselves for it, largely owing to their parent’s fear or their own experience of COVID-19.

Since the pandemic, uncertainty looming has been mirroring all fronts, from adult vaccination, the opening of workplaces, and even children vaccinations with a “wait and see attitude”.

The two vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech have a third of the potency of the adult dosage. The clinical trials conducted on their viability ensured that the kids could develop a well-rounded immunity without a heavy dose. They further revealed of a 90%+ efficacy, according to data published when they were given 10 micrograms of the dosage (and the adults were given 30 micrograms).

“That means fewer children contracting the coronavirus and spreading it to their loved ones, and fewer kids admitted to hospitals for their symptoms,” said Dr. Kawsar Talaat, Associate Professor of international health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

“Their lives can go back to something better than being locked up at home, unable to see their friends,” she said. “This will keep them safe and keep our communities safe, too.”
Another hurdle crops up, in the form of parents who themselves haven’t been vaccinated, as they are further reluctant in getting their children the shot. The concern has largely been due to the possibility of long-term health effects.

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The government of the State is pro-choice, i.e. the parents may decide whether they want to get their children vaccinated or not. However, we have gotten so far only by listening to scientists and doctors, and the same shall be followed in the road ahead.

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