Park Soo Ryun Deαth
Park Soo Ryun Deαth

Snowdrop Star Park Soo Ryun 29 Passes Away After Staircase Acc*dent!

Actor Park Soo Ryun from Snowdrop passed away on June 11 at 29 after falling down stairs. According to rumours, her funeral ceremonies will occur on Monday, and on June 13, there will be a procession in her honour.

The reports stated the actor, 29, tumbled down the stairs and was taken to the hospital immediately. But the medical staff pronounced her deαd.

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Soompi claims that the actor’s family has decided to donate her organs. Park Soo Ryun’s mother said, “Only her brain is unconscious, and her heart is still beating. There must be someone who desperately needs [organs]. As her mother and father, we can live comforted [by the thought that her heart] has gone to someone and is beating.”

With “il tenore,” Park Soo Ryun made her acting debut in 2018. After that, she appeared in several musicals, including The Day We Loved, Finding Kim Jong Wook, Passing Through Love, and Siddhartha.

Park Soo Ryun Death

Park Soo Ryun released numerous photos with the cast members after appearing in Snowdrop. June Rae was visible in one of the images. She wrote in the caption,

“Jung Hae In sunbaenim (senior), although my role was very small, thank you for staying until the very end (of our scenes) and taking care of each university student! I hope to meet you on another project.”

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