Paige Hurd Parents
Paige Hurd Parents

Paige Hurd Parents: The Story About of Hurd’s Family!

American actress Paige Hurd is most known for regularly portraying Tasha Clarkson in Everybody Hates Chris. Alongside DMX and Jet Li, Hurd debuted in a feature picture with Cradle 2 the Grave. The movie’s plot focuses on costly stones in the wrong hands.

Hurd has a long history of acting in music videos. She appeared as his love interest in Romeo Miller’s Mistletoe, G-Eazy’s I Mean It and Justin Bieber’s Never Let You Go. She won the starring part in Tyler Perry’s The Oval in 2019 and Lauren in Power Book II: Ghost a year later. Let’s know About Paige Hurd Parents in this article.

About Paige Hurd Parents: Paige’s Puerto Rican Mom

Paige Hurd was born on July 20, 1992, to a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father in Dallas, Texas. She had four siblings growing up with her.

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According to Instagram, Cheryl Martin, Paige’s mother, is the CEO of CMA Entertainment, a talent agency for actors. On 4th February 2020, Paige posted a couple of photos of her mom alongside the following caption: “My World. Happy Birthday Mom @cmaent. I love you.”

Paige Hurd Parents: DMX’s Legacy Lives On, But Not as Paige’s Father

Paige dispelled the allegation that the late DMX was her father on Instagram in December 2019. Although DMX is Paige’s godfather, some people interpret this to mean that the two are related biologically.

Paige Hurd Parents

In an Instagram picture describing the pair’s matching tattoos, Paige claimed that DMX and his ex-wife Tashera Simmons accepted her into their family as their goddaughter. Paige and DMX appeared in her debut feature film Cradle 2 The Grave. She wrote as the post’s caption:

“My favorite song my pops ever did is called RIGHT, WRONG. In the film at the end (when I finally was rescued from being kidnapped) when we are reunited this song plays as we walk away. Pops had his tatt (he wrote it) and I told him I wanted to get it in his exact handwriting so he wrote it out and boom, matching taaaatttsss surprised him father’s day 2016.”

DMX and Paige experienced many memorable moments. The most notable incident was possibly when DMX lost his cool after Hurd utilized Snapchat’s face switch feature for filming a video with her godfather.

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