Jax and Brittany Divorce
Jax and Brittany Divorce

Jax and Brittany Divorce: What Really Happened In Their Love Journey?

Alum of Vanderpump Rules If Tom Sandoval hadn’t entered the picture, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney, according to Jax Taylor, would still be wed.

The confession was made by the 43-year-old reality star during the first of their three-episode series on Peacock’s Watch With feature, which debuted on Thursday, April 13.

“I think he had a lot to do with why they got divorced,” Taylor said. “I would like to think they would still be together if it weren’t for Sandoval.”

He added, “As much as Katie drives me nuts, I see her point.” Cartwright agreed, saying, “Oh, yeah.” After d@ting for five years, Katie and Tom married for the first time in a public ceremony in 2016. The union, however, purportedly lacked legal standing due to misplaced documents.

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The pair divorced in March 2022 after tying the marriage formally and legally in 2019. Maloney then said on Instagram, “I never thought I would have to make an announcement like this,” “After 12 years on an adventure through our life together, Tom and I are ending our marriage.”

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In October 2022, the couple’s divorce was officially formalized. Taylor and Cartwright discussed everything Scandoval with ET’s Rachel Smith last month.

Jax and Brittany Divorce

Although they haven’t appeared on the Bravo series in two seasons, the couple is still close with most of the cast and has kept in touch with several since it came to light that Sandoval had cheated on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss.

After learning about the scandal on March 10, the two decided to split up. “[Sandoval] never had control of Ariana. She’s a very strong, independent woman and I feel like he couldn’t control her, and he can control Raquel very easily,” Taylor said.

“She’s very easily manipulated, and you can control her like that just by looking at her … She’s easily controllable, you can just tell she’s very co-dependent. She’s the definition of co-dependency.”

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