This Weekend's And Next Week's Significant Storm Will Bring Significant Snowfall And Severe Weather
This Weekend's And Next Week's Significant Storm Will Bring Significant Snowfall And Severe Weather

This Weekend’s And Next Week’s Significant Storm Will Bring Significant Snowfall And Severe Weather

There is a large storm on the way for this weekend and the next week, and it will bring heavy snow, strong winds, and severe thunderstorms to the West, Northern Plains, and upper Midwest regions. In the South, the storm will create severe thunderstorms.

This extensive storm was spawned by a disturbance that will make its way to the West Coast this weekend as a direct result of an abrupt dip in the jet stream’s position that will take place in the southerly direction. It will then make its way across the Rockies and into the central United States on Monday and Tuesday when it will draw on the growing moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. The path it will take from there is still uncertain.

The combination of these factors has produced a two-pronged storm that will most certainly bring winter storm conditions in the western United States, the northern plains, and the upper Midwest, while also producing severe weather in the southern United States.

Here is a quick rundown of what to anticipate from both the calm and the raging sides of the storm. Make sure to check back with in the following days, as we will be providing further details as the forecast becomes clearer.

The Wintery and Blustery Aspect of the Storm

Through the course of this weekend, the majority of this system will be located in the western portion of the United States, gradually moving inland from Washington, Oregon, and California into the Rockies. It is expected that travel may be impacted by heavy snowfall in the Cascade Mountains, California’s Sierra Nevada, and interior portions of the Western United States.

It is expected that heavy rain and gusty winds will move southward from the coasts of Washington and Oregon and cover a large portion of California, including the areas surrounding Los Angeles and San Diego.

Next Week

Snow and high winds are expected to develop in the Northern Plains and upper Midwest by the later part of Monday and especially on Tuesday. These conditions might linger into the middle of the week in some locations.

Travel from some regions of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado into western Nebraska, the Dakotas, and certain parts of Minnesota could be considerably impacted as a result of this. Blizzard conditions are possible in some regions.

Extremely Dangerous Weather Potential in the South

Once this storm taps into the growing moisture in the Gulf of Mexico during the first half of the following week, severe thunderstorms in the South may produce tornadoes, wind damage, hail, and flash floods.

It is too soon to know the severity of those threats, but the Storm Prediction Center NOAA has provided a general outlook showing where there is the highest confidence of severe weather on Tuesday and Wednesday. This outlook can be found below. -Tuesday morning through Tuesday night: all of the lower Mississippi Valley, including much of eastern Texas and southeastern Oklahoma.

– From southeastern Louisiana into southern Mississippi, southern Alabama, and the western Florida Panhandle on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. Keep in mind that the precise location of these dangerous areas may change over the next few days as more information regarding the timing of the storm becomes available.

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