The US Coast Guard Saved A Missing Carnival Passenger In The Gulf Of Mexico
The US Coast Guard Saved A Missing Carnival Passenger In The Gulf Of Mexico

The US Coast Guard Saved A Missing Carnival Passenger In The Gulf Of Mexico

According to the United States Coast Guard, a guy who had been reported missing from the Carnival Valor while it was sailing in the Gulf of Mexico was located in the water on Thursday and was rescued. This incredible act of service and good fortune occurred.

USCG Petty Officer Ryan Graves told CNN on Thursday that the missing passenger was found conscious and alert when the rescue operation was carried out. The individual was transported to the New Orleans Lakefront Airport, where emergency medical workers were waiting.

According to a statement that CNN acquired from a spokeswoman for Carnival Cruise Line, Matt Lupoli, the man was last seen by his sister at a bar on board the vessel they were sailing on Wednesday night. According to the man’s sister, the man left the bar around 11 p.m. to use the restroom and never returned to his stateroom after that.

According to the statement, she reported his disappearance at noon on Thursday. According to Lupoli, “Carnival Valor retraced its journey to facilitate the search and rescue.” Since then, the Coast Guard has released the ship and is again travelling towards Cozumel, located in Mexico. Wednesday was the day that the Carnival Valor sailed away from the New Orleans port.

After the cruise liner contacted the Coast Guard at approximately 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, the Coast Guard immediately began a multi-crew search effort by air and sea, according to a statement released by Coast Guard Lt. Phillip VanderWeit.

The US Coast Guard Saved A Missing Carnival Passenger In The Gulf Of Mexico
The US Coast Guard Saved A Missing Carnival Passenger In The Gulf Of Mexico

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Vander Weit stated that an aircrew on an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter “hoisted the individual into the aircraft” after a crew on another vessel saw the man. According to Mike Anderson, a passenger on the Carnival Valor, he spotted staff workers searching for the passenger on Thursday.

Anderson stated that he started to hear announcements asking the missing passenger to check in with guest services, and he said that he began to look for the passenger and “observed security personnel beginning to search the vessel while holding a picture of the passenger who had gone missing on their mobile devices. “According to what he indicated, there was never an official announcement made at the time alerting passengers on the boat about what had occurred.

According to Anderson, the boat made a U-turn at approximately 2:00 p.m. and started heading back. According to what he stated, passengers were informed that their scheduled arrival time in Cozumel, which was their port of call, would be delayed. In the later hours of Thursday evening, an announcement was made to the passengers over the public address system to advise them that there had been a man overboard incident earlier in the day but that the ship had been cleared to resume its journey to Cozumel.

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