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New York Schools Banned Squid Game Halloween Costumes

According to the sources, some New York schools banned Squid Game Halloween Costumes for students.

The trending Netflix Korean series squid game shows a game in which Desperate givers are pitted against each other in a succession of deadly children’s games.

In this show, there are some scenes of graphic violence which is the reason behind it got rated as unsuitable for children under 15 age.

“One district school in New York’s Syracuse area has warned parents that Squid Game costumes will not be allowed in the area’s three elementary schools.” According to CNY Central.

This is because of the violence shown in the show…

This year, as the show is one of the most popular shows costumes worn by the actors are expected to be the theme of this year’s Halloween. The costumes are quite recognizable pink jumpsuits with masks are for the guards of the game and the green jumpsuits are for contestants as shown in the series.

The Squid game viewers of the UK recently criticized schools considering the show only on the violence shown in the show, saying that the show already gave the warning of parental guidance and was not suggested for the children.

after the Email sent by Central Bedfordshire council’s education safeguarding team, some fans blamed the team as of “scaremongering”.

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