Mike Pence Didn't Directly Answer Whether Donald Trump Is A "Nice Man"
Mike Pence Didn't Directly Answer Whether Donald Trump Is A "Nice Man"

Mike Pence Didn’t Directly Answer Whether Donald Trump Is A “Nice Man”

When asked if he still considers President Trump to be a “decent man,” former Vice President Mike Pence, who is now being coy about whether or not he would run for president himself in 2024, dodged the question. He did not respond in a straightforward manner.

On Monday, Steve Inskeep from NPR questioned Mike Pence about a speech he gave in 2016 to accept the nomination for the position of vice president. Inskeep brought up the fact that Pence had referred to Trump as a “decent man” in that particular address.

After that, Inskeep inquired of Pence regarding whether or not he still stood by that comment. “When President Trump argued on January 6 that I had the ability to void the election, he was in error. However, I will never stop being proud of the track record that we established for the people of the United States, Steve “Pence stated.

Inskeep continued to press Pence on the matter, saying, “While you’re proud of the record, you didn’t just call him a nice man again.” “To tell you the truth, I firmly believe that only God can see inside of our hearts. I’m going to step back and let folks form their own opinions on the matter, “Pence added.

“Having said that, I feel obligated to let you know that the president and I had a very productive working relationship. And I am aware that it may come as something of a shock to certain people, “Pence remarked.

Pence’s relationship with his former boss, Trump, has been strained, particularly after Trump‘s attempt to convince Pence to change the results of the 2020 election was unsuccessful. It was reported in June by the Washington Post that Pence and Trump have not communicated with one another in more than a year.

A turning point in the relationship between Pence and Trump happened on January 6, during the brawl at the Capitol, when many Trump supporters turned on Pence after he broke with Trump and certified the vote. This caused the relationship to tip.

During the commotion at the Capitol, several Trump fans set up makeshift gallows and screamed, “hang Mike Pence.” According to the panel on January 6, Trump has privately expressed sympathy for the activities taken by these Trump supporters. During the attack, Trump tweeted that Pence lacked “the fortitude to do what should have been done.” Pence had been accused of being complicit in the attack.

On January 6, 2021, White House aides reported to a panel that President Trump and Vice President Pence had a “heated” phone conversation. According to the testimony provided by Trump’s advisers to the panel, the president used profanity during the call and referred to Vice President Pence as a “pussy” for certifying the electoral vote total.

Pence has, for the most part, refrained from criticising Trump, but he has been very vocal about his choice not to assist Trump in attempting to change the results of the 2020 election. In February, he delivered a speech to the Federalist Society in which he asserted that “Trump is mistaken” about him having the legal authority to invalidate the election.

In addition, Pence stated in November 2021 that he certified the vote using the Bible and founding father James Madison as his primary sources of inspiration. Pence has not yet disclosed whether or not he intends to run for president. In October, he was ambiguous about whether or not he would vote for Trump in 2024, saying that there “could be somebody else I’d love more” to be president of the United States.

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