Bobby Scott And Briana Dejesus
Bobby Scott And Briana Dejesus

Bobby Scott And Briana DeJesus Meet On The Set Of Teen Mom: Is Their Relationship Over?

On October 18, Briana DeJesus, 28, will reveal her secret boyfriend on Teen Mom: Next Chapter. The reality star reportedly dated Bobby Scott, a former MTV security guard but kept their relationship a secret until they decided to begin filming their relationship.

The episode’s preview which can be seen below demonstrates that Briana was considerably more anxious than her new love when they announced their relationship to the world. Continue reading to learn more about Bobby, his relationship and his connection to Briana.

Bobby Met Briana While Working As A Security Guard On Teen Mom’s Set

After they first met, Briana and Bobby quickly began dating and after producers learned of the relationship, the security team as a whole was fired, according to The Ashley. In July, a source told the outlet that “producers, crew members, and even some of the cast members are pissed” about the circumstance.

“So many wonderful people lost their jobs as a result of Briana and Bobby and those people didn’t do anything wrong. Some of them have worked there since the beginning. It’s extremely unprofessional and sad. They are now displaying their relationship as if nothing ever happened.

More background information about how Briana and Bobby’s relationship began and developed was provided by a source who also revealed that Bobby once served as the security guard for the photo shoots of Briana’s fellow Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout.

According to the insider, Bobby used to provide security for Catelynn and Maci’s shoots but he first met Briana when she visited San Diego to shoot Teen Mom Family Reunion last year. “That’s when they first started dating but nobody else was aware of it at the time. Since then, they have spoken but it has been quiet.

In One of Briana’s Mysterious Instagram Posts, He Was First Introduced

The mother was pictured caressing the back of a man’s head in the above black and white Instagram post which later became known to be Bobby. She captioned it, “My baby.” There was a lot of speculation about who it might be among the Teen Mom fan base. Since they are reportedly more than ten years apart, some people also commented on their age gap.

Bobby Could Still Be Paid By MTV

Bobby might be getting paid for appearing on the show despite the claims that he lost his security job because he started dating Briana. He may be receiving payment as a cast member instead of a crew member now that he is being seen by the camera. Bobby‘s appearance on the show is not yet known for how long. However, that will determine whether or not he receives compensation.

Bobby Scott And Briana Dejesus
Bobby Scott And Briana Dejesus

Briana Stated In An Interview That Her Relationship With Bobby Was “Mature”

I’m in a very fulfilling relationship. This is probably the first truly mature relationship I’ve ever had. In the above-linked video, she stated to E! News in August, “This is a grown man. “You know this is not a young boy. He wants to start settling down. He desires each of these things. When I finally met someone with whom I could just be myself, I felt the same way. I am accepted by him as I am. I’m overjoyed.

Bobby and Briana’s Relationship Is Reportedly Over

In an Instagram post on October 12, Teen Mom Shade Room claimed the couple had broken up after dating for nine months. Additionally, Briana sparked rumors about the relationship when she posted a cryptic message on Twitter as seen above. In the message published on October 12, she questioned, “Why do I always concentrate on one person? I wish I had a roaster as I said, “Give them 100 of me way too quickly. Being a lover girl irritates me.

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