First Recreational Marijuana Licenses Approved In New YorkFirst Recreational Marijuana Licenses Approved In New York
First Recreational Marijuana Licenses Approved In New YorkFirst Recreational Marijuana Licenses Approved In New York

First Recreational Marijuana Licenses Approved In New York

NEW YORK  The first licenses for Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries (also known as CUARDs) in the state have been approved by the New York State Cannabis Control Board.

The clearances were disclosed during a public meeting that took place early on Monday morning. Over 900 license applications were submitted to the Office of Cannabis Management.

In this initial round, the board granted temporary licenses to a total of 36 applications, comprising 28 qualified people and 8 applicants representing nonprofit CAURD organizations. At the very least one CAURD license was issued in each and every one of the state’s available regions.

The announcement that was made on Monday occurred after there was a last-minute disagreement regarding the licensing process. There will eventually be a total of 150 licenses available, but a federal judge imposed an order earlier this month that temporarily blocks license approval in certain portions of the state.

Brooklyn and Westchester were two of the counties in which the county governments’ decisions to grant licenses were being questioned. In September, one corporation filed a lawsuit against the state of New York and its Office of Cannabis Management, claiming that the agency gave preference to residents of the state.

Although the recreational use of marijuana was made legal in New York State in March of 2021, the state is still in the process of licensing people to sell the drug.

The state Cannabis Control Board is under a lot of pressure to establish one of the most highly anticipated legal marijuana markets in the entire country, so they have moved to issue certain dispensary licenses to private business owners and nonprofit organizations.

Cannabis regulators have been emphasizing that they are attempting to prohibit unlicensed sales for some time now, and this new development represents a significant step in that direction.

You are able to obtain online access to the proposed regulations for the sale of cannabis for adults.


New York City


Carl M Anderson III

Royal Leaf NY

Gabbys Green LLC

CGG Enterprises Inc.

Suzanne M Furboter

Anthony Crapanzano

Smacked LLC

Gabriel Marin

Planet 51 LLC

Florisun LLC

Eastern Holdings 88 LLC


Capital Region

Stage One Cannabis LLC

D-Andrews LLC

Essential Flowers

Capital District Cannabis & Wellness Inc.

Southern Tier

William Durham

Union Chill Cannabis NY LLC

Mohawk Valley

Cured NY, LLC

Long Island

Brian Stark Enterprises LLC

Albert D Capraro

Strain Stars LLC

Root 13, LLC

Growth Industries NY, LLC

Keep it 100 LLC

Hydo Phonics

North Country

Brent L Rogers

Non-For Profit

Housing Works Cannabis, LLC – HOUSING WORKS

The Doe Store LLC – Doe Fund

Urban Weeds LLC – Urban Upbound

CWS Holdings I, LLC — Challenge Industries

NYCCABUDS – Center for Community Alternatives

Kush & Kemet LLC – LIFE CAMPS

On Point Cannabis, INC. – Broome County Urban League

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