Represents California's 22nd Congressional District
Represents California's 22nd Congressional District

Republican David Valadao Represents California’s 22nd Congressional District

Valadao is one of 10 Republican members of the U.S. House who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump.

According to projections made by The Associated Press, incumbent Republican Representative David Valadao will easily defeat his Democratic opponent Rudy Salas and retain his seat in California‘s 22nd Congressional District.

After congressional boundaries were revised in the state of California, Valadao, now serving as the representative for California’s 21st District, ran for re-election in the district adjacent to his. A section of Kern County, Kings County, and Tulare County are now included in the district.

The high-stakes race was one of ten crucial battles in California that took place during the midterm elections on November 8. These elections, which will determine whether or not Republicans regain a majority in the House of Representatives, took place on November 8.

Republican David Valadao Represents California's 22nd Congressional District
Republican David Valadao Represents California’s 22nd Congressional District

Democrats saw the election as an opportunity to capitalize on Valadao’s vote to impeach former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in the Capitol riot on January 6. Valadao was one of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for his alleged role in the riot. In addition, the newly adjusted district borders attracted more Democratic voters, favouring Democratic candidates and candidates for office.

In the primary election that took place on June 7 in California’s jungle primary system, Salas and Valadao were victorious against Chris Mathys and Adam Thomas Medeiros. In a race between two other Republican candidates and Salas, the lone Democratic candidate, Salas received 45.4% of the total vote, while Valadao received 25.6% of the vote. The combined vote count for Republican candidates was 54.6% of the total.

In 2012, Valadao won the election to Congress and continued to represent his district there until 2019. A rematch between the two in 2018 ended with him coming up short by a margin of 862 votes; nevertheless, he was victorious in the very next election and was able to win back the seat.

Historically favorable to Democrats, California’s 22nd congressional district gave Hillary Clinton 55.5% of the vote in the 2016 presidential election, while just 38.9% of voters supported Donald Trump.

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