Who Is Light Yagami In Death Note
Who Is Light Yagami In Death Note

Who Is Light Yagami In Death Note? Power & Abilities

Death Note (capitalized) is the title of a series of manga books by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, published in Japan. Light Yagami, the protagonist of the novel, is a teenage genius who comes into possession of a mysterious notebook called the “Death Note,” which once belonged to the shinigami Ryuk and bestows upon its owner the extraordinary ability to kill anybody whose name appears in its pages. Here you will read about who is Light Yagami in Death Note, and other related details about him.

The plot of the show revolves around Light’s attempts to use the Death Note to commit a global massacre of people he deems immoral and to create a crime-free society under the guise of a god-like vigilante named “Kira,” and the subsequent efforts of an elite Japanese police task force, led by enigmatic detective L, to apprehend him.

From December 2003 through May 2006, Death Note was serialized in Shueisha’s manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. There is 108 chapters total, and they were gathered into 12 tankbon volumes.

Light Yagami

Death Note is a manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, and its protagonist is a high school student named Light Yagami. He is presented as a clever but bored genius who discovers the Death Note when it is dropped by the Shinigami Ryuk. The Death Note is a magical notepad that can be used to kill someone only by knowing their name and face.

Light, fed up with the injustices of the world as they are, plans a global massacre under the guise of the vigilante Kira using the Death Note to eliminate everyone he considers to be immoral. Light is being hunted by a special task force led by a consultant detective named L as he attempts to construct a society free of crime and evil over which he would govern and reign as a godlike figure.

As voiced by Mamoru Miyano in the original Japanese and Brad Swaile in the original English of the anime adaption. Swaile reprises his role as his English dub voice in the live-action film series; Kenji Urai and Hayato Kakizawa play him in the musical; Masataka Kubota plays him in the TV drama, and Nat Wolff and Margaret Qualley play their counterparts in the American feature.

Light Yagami  Appearances


Death Note

Born on February 28th, 1986, Light Yagami (or 1989 in the anime). He is described as an academic prodigy and exemplary student who is well-liked by both his classmates and teachers and who consistently ranks at the top of his class. Light is a senior in high school at the start of the novel and a student at To-Oh University by the end.

His father, Soichiro Yagami, is the leader of the international task force searching for “Kira,” the public’s term for the person responsible for a series of unexplained killings around the world. Sachiko, his mom, is a stay-at-home mom. Sayu, Light’s younger sister, provides a vivacious, less cerebral counterpoint to Light.

After testing the Death Note on two criminals out of curiosity, Light is terrified by its power; nonetheless, he finally convinces himself that the criminals’ murders were acceptable, assuming that he would reduce crime rates worldwide.

Using the notepad, Light quickly finds himself determined to launch a personal crusade to cleanse the world of crime. Light’s agenda may have started well, but he ended up killing innocent people and law enforcement officers to stay at large.

His morality is based on utilitarianism, which allows him to rationalize any action if it furthers his cause. Most of his nasty actions stem from his obsession with winning. His egotism and superior intelligence, bolstered by Death Note, lead him to believe that he alone can prevent a global catastrophe.

A film

Tatsuya Fujiwara, best known for playing Shuya Nanahara in Battle Royale, plays Light Yagami in the Japanese film series. Like his manga counterpart, he is portrayed in the films as a brilliant, well-liked college student who is frustrated by the ineffectiveness of the criminal justice system and is driven to use the Death Note to create a utopian society free of crime while operating under the guise of a godlike vigilante known only as “Kira.”

Still, the character went through a few tweaks and adjustments. Unlike in the manga and anime, where Light is still a high school student at the beginning of the film, he is a first-year law student at a university.

Light Yagami  Power & Abilities

Death Manipulation: So long as he has a person’s name and face, he can kill anyone by scribbling their name in the Death Note, generally causing a heart attack. Furthermore, the cause of death can be specified, such as “accidental” fatalities that appear to be mere chance, “intentional” murders, or fatal illnesses.

Extremely bright: Kira is so smart that he can fool people into thinking he is someone else by devising elaborate schemes.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Light A Villain In Death Note?

According to Death Note, Light is a cold-blooded serial killer. Yet there are still moments when we can’t help but feel bad for him. Light Yagami, the hero of Death Note, is not your typical antihero, and even those unfamiliar with the medium can see that.

Who Kills Light In Death Note?

When Light tried to use the fragment of the Death Note he kept on his watch to kill Near, Matsuda shot him. The light that made it out was bleeding heavily. The bloodied Ryuk realized he was probably going to die soon.

Does Light Become Shinegami At The End?

Yes. When exposed to light, the shinigami will become overly bright. The judge in Death Parade instructed the girl he brought in to decide whether or not Light would be reincarnated. The two of them, along with the boy she liked, would disappear into the vacuum at the end of the episode if he were to reincarnate.

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