Kirsten Storms Weight Gain

The Real Story Behind Kirsten Storms Weight Gain Explained!

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: ABC soap operas have a larger fan base in the Western world. General Hospital is a prominent TV soap opera on the platform. The show’s cast has achieved tremendous popularity among its viewers. And how can we talk about the show without mentioning Kirsten Storms? She’s a familiar face in the world of soap operas.

The American actress has also appeared in a few films. However, after breaking through as Maxie Jones on General Hospital, Kirsten was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2009. While the actress has been hailed for her performance, social media is rife with suspicions about her.

However, Kirsten Storm’s Weight Gain has recently attracted the attention of admirers. Even a few images of her have received unfavourable feedback due to her weight. Here’s a look at her weight-gain journey.

Kirsten Storms’s Weight Gain

There’s no denying that General Hospital is constantly in the news. Aside from that, the show allows spectators to turn their gaze on the cast. This means that Kirsten Storms has been known to remain in the media spotlight from time to time. Kirsten Storms’ Weight Gain is a major concern among her followers, and the 39-year-old is suspected of being pregnant. Maxie Jones was pregnant on the big screen in 2021. This is when her fans began to speculate that Kirsten was expecting a child without a valid basis. Many people assumed her pregnancy and Tweeted serval Tweets which you can find below.

Kirsten appeared to have gained weight on her most recent visit. As a result, her pregnancy stories began to circulate on the internet. Despite widespread speculation, a few news outlets have previously reported that Kirsten Storms is not pregnant. The supposition turned out to be utterly wrong and without foundation. As a result, it is evident that there could have been another explanation for Kirsten Storm’s weight gain.

Was Kirsten Storm’s Weight Gain Caused By Medication?

Storms had to leave General Hospital in 2011 after being diagnosed with endometriosis. Jen Lilley, sadly, took her position on a temporary basis. She did, however, return for a brief while because she needed to leave GH because her doctor prescribed rest. Aside from physical problems, she also had mental health issues.

She got dependent on antidepressants after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She explained how the medicine process caused her to gain weight. As a result, things grew difficult for her as the Florida native suffered from mental complexity while dealing with physical ailments. It resulted in Kirsten Storm gaining weight.

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain

In another development, Kirsten shared a mirror selfie on Instagram. However, the comment section was filled with unexpected and nasty responses. Several people made disparaging remarks regarding her appearance and weight gain.

The same thing happened with another Instagram image she published. The people stated that the photo was not current and that she had already gained weight. The actress was enraged by the recurring comparison. So she jumped to respond.

Possible Effects Of Brain Surgery

Kirsten Storms stated on Instagram stories in June 2021 that she had undergone brain surgery to address a cyst, resulting in a temporary leave of absence from General Hospital. If we consider additional considerations aside from the pregnancy, it is probable that all of these situations resulted in weight gain due to her health difficulties and continued prescriptions.

The actress has always been candid about her health problems, particularly on social media. She posted a post shortly after completing the operation in which she expressed her experiences and concerns over the years. These events raise the idea that the surgery was a contributing factor to her weight gain.

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Kirsten Storms Brain Surgery Information

Kirsten Storms has been in some weird situations as Maxie Jones on General Hospital, but she appears to be able to handle them. The 37-year-old actress recently revealed that she underwent brain surgery to remove a cyst. Storms took to social media to inform her pals that her operation went well.

Kirsten Storms has been in some weird situations as Maxie Jones on General Hospital, but she appears to be able to handle them. The 37-year-old actress recently revealed that she underwent brain surgery to remove a cyst. Storms took to social media on Friday to update her pals and let them know that her operation went well. She documented everything on her Instagram.


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Storms appeared to be content in some Instagram Story videos in which she discussed her surgery and recovery. She began by stating that she had surgery to empty and remove a cyst. She went on to add that the cyst was discovered in the bottom region of her brain and that it had to be removed. She also wanted to inform her friends that she would clear up a few issues before the internet went down.

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