Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door: What To Expect!

This remake was saved for the end of Nintendo’s Direct and will be on Nintendo’s newest system in 2024. It is an exact copy of the Nintendo GameCube game from 2004. It looks like it was built on the same technology that ran Paper Mario: The Origami King, which came out in 2020 and was also for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Officially confirmed the arrival of Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door.

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As a faithful remake, it will have the same gameplay as the original from 2004. Players will take control of the wildly popular Mario on a quest to find treasure and rescue Princess Peach, who has been abducted by invaders. This will take them to a variety of stunning locations, including the famed Rogueport hub area.

The original’s humor, writing, and characters are all present and correct, from the amiable Goombella to various companions who will accompany Mario on his quest to acquire the crystal stars required to unlock the title Thousand Year Door.

Fans of the original will recognize the combat in this title. This game will include the original’s exciting turn-based fighting action, in which Mario and his friends battle popular adversaries on a stage-like diorama. The Thousand-Year Door is widely regarded as the best Paper Mario spin-off title, thus this title is unlikely to disappoint.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

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The original Nintendo GameCube was released over two decades ago on Nintendo’s sixth-generation home platform. However, it has not been made available on any platforms after that. The Wii does support backward compatibility with all Nintendo GameCube games, but you must own the game disc to do so. The Thousand-Year Door was never re-released on subsequent systems since the developers preferred to focus on new entries.

Modern entries such as Paper Mario Sticker Star and Color Splash have also been deemed mediocre. But all of that is changing now. Many players are eager to return to this memorable tale. Unfortunately, they will have to wait until 2024 to play it.

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