EL-ON Fans Say They Know Kim's Next Partner, and Kanye West Won't Like It
EL-ON Fans Say They Know Kim's Next Partner, and Kanye West Won't Like It

EL-ON Fans Say They Know Kim’s Next Partner, and Kanye West Won’t Like It

After Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s breakup, fans speculated that she would find love again, despite the fact that her ex-husband, Kanye West, likely wouldn’t approve.

In the eyes of some, the Able To keep up with the Kardashians star and the rapper will soon be back together. Others, though, have speculated that Tesla CEO Elon Musk may soon be Kim’s, new man.

One person posted their theory on the social networking website Reddit, saying: “Can you guess who Kim will go on a date with next? After all this time of being single, which famous person do you think Kim will date next? They elaborated, “I don’t know why, but I can so picture her dating Elon Musk.”

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Opinions Of The Fans

As others read the post, they rushed to the comments to add their own theories. Elon Musk will provide her the exposure she seeks, the last speaker said.

Fans said Kim dressed similar to Julia Fox on a recent outing
Fans said Kim dressed similar to Julia Fox on a recent outing

“Omg didn’t read your last sentence, before I wanted to comment: Elon Musk 😂 i hear he’s also into surrogacy,” a second agreed.

A third remarked: “Well, Elon would one day fit into the toxic ex scheme which is distinctive in the family.”

“I can see her dating Elon musk too! They’re both disgustingly rich a**holes,” a fourth ranted.

“Elon is 51 (older than her), he is richer than her and has 10 kids in total 🤯 I can so see her being like ‘We just match, it’s a different vibe, he’s so smart such a genius,'” a fifth guessed.

After dating for nine months, Kim, 41, and Pete Davidson, 28, broke up last week. Many of her fans believe she will get back together with her ex-husband Kanye West as her rebound.

Is Kanye Back?

They thought it could be a sign of her reunion with Kanye
They thought it could be a sign of her reunion with Kanye

There was speculation earlier this week that Kim had given another hint about a possible reconciliation between the two. In honor of her sister Kylie Jenner’s 25th birthday, the Hulu star shared a heartfelt message online.

The reality star posted a series of photos of the couple in revealing outfits on Wednesday. The 41-year-old wore a black single-strap bra and baggy black slacks to highlight her toned abs and small waist.

She wore them with a low rise, exposing a pair of black underpants that matched the pants. Kim is accessorized with a pair of black, large sunglasses and a loose bun of blonde hair.

Kylie also showed off her curves by posing in a skintight tan and black outfit that showed off her naked arms and legs. Several pictures show her posing with her older sister, wearing black sunglasses and letting her long, wavy hair down.

Within seconds, the two were locked in an embrace on the patio overlooking the breathtaking oceanfront panorama.

They both looked directly into the camera while pouting. Both Kylie and Kim were photographed drinking and dancing with an unidentified male at a nightclub in a separate candid photo.

The SKIMS creator stood for the last photo outside, bearing her entire attire and washboard abs. She made a kissy face at the camera while holding up her and Kylie’s cocktail glasses.

Despite the post’s stated intention to celebrate her sister’s birthday, some fans speculated that the photos actually disclosed her relationship status with Kanye. One user commented that Kim looked like one of Kanye’s recent exes, Julia Fox, and the post quickly became flooded with responses from other followers.

An admirer stated that this gave Julia Fox “a gift.” “have received a lot of similar feedback from other commenters. After dating briefly in January and February, Kanye and the 32-year-old actress broke up. Two weeks after the rapper professed his love for Kim, who was then dating Pete (age 28), the couple split up.

Kim lookalike Chaney Jones, 25, was his next girlfriend, although he and Kim are no longer together. Throughout the duration of her marriage to the comedian, Kanye urged his ex-wife to take him back several times.

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