Katie Hobbs Will Be Elected Governor Of Arizona, Beating Trump's Favourite Kari Lake
Katie Hobbs Will Be Elected Governor Of Arizona, Beating Trump's Favourite Kari Lake

Katie Hobbs Will Be Elected Governor Of Arizona, Beating Trump’s Favourite Kari Lake

Democrat Katie Hobbs will win the race for governor of Arizona, defeating one of the most prominent advocates of former President Donald Trump’s claims about the 2020 election. Hobbs will become the state’s first female governor.

Republican Kari Lake, who claimed that the election in 2020 was rigged, stated on multiple occasions that she would not have validated Joe Biden’s win in Arizona in that year. Hobbs, in her capacity as secretary of state for Arizona, refuted the election-related misinformation spread by Republicans.

Following the fall of two other high-profile election deniers in the state, Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters and nominee for secretary of state Mark Finchem, Lake’s loss is the latest high-profile election denial in the state to be defeated.

Following the announcement that the election had been decided, Hobbs tweeted, “Democracy is worth the wait.” “Thank you, Arizona. I am overjoyed and humbled to have been chosen to serve as your future Governor.

Hobbs’ victory was not acknowledged by Lake, who instead posted on Twitter that “Arizonans know BS when they see it.” The Republican nominee has already started planting seeds of doubt regarding the results of the election in 2022. On Monday, before the race was called, Lake made an appearance on Fox News and made an unfounded accusation that the election was “botched.”

Katie Hobbs Will Be Elected Governor Of Arizona, Beating Trump's Favourite Kari Lake
Katie Hobbs Will Be Elected Governor Of Arizona, Beating Trump’s Favourite Kari Lake

“I don’t think the people of Arizona would vote for her, and I don’t think she would come out on top. But if that is what happens in the end, how could you ever certify an election that is this badly messed up? Lake said.

Thursday, while she was a guest on the talk show hosted by right-wing activist Charlie Kirk, she made the following statement: “I hate that they’re slow-rolling and dragging their feet and delaying the inevitable.” They don’t want the truth, which is that we won, to get out there, so they won’t.

There is no evidence to suggest that election officials were purposefully delaying the results of the vote from being reported. Bill Gates, who is the chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, criticised Lake’s statements during a news conference that was held on Thursday.

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“It is offensive for Kari Lake to say that these people behind me are slow-rolling this when they are working 14-18 hours,” Gates, a Republican, said, gesturing to the election workers who were involved in tallying the ballots behind him through a glass window. Gates was speaking to the election workers who were involved in tallying the ballots behind him through a glass window.

Lake had kept on stoking doubts about the vote tally and Hobbs’ eventual participation in certifying the vote as secretary of state hours before it was expected that Hobbs would win the contest.

In a tweet, Lake referred to the position that Hobbs currently holds and asked, “Shouldn’t election officials be impartial?” The individuals in charge of the election have set as their primary objective the defeat of Republicans affiliated with America First. Unbelievable.”

Allie Bones, the assistant secretary of state for Arizona, responded to Lake’s assertion that Hobbs ought to step aside from her role as election supervisor and disproved Lake’s claim. She mentioned that Arizona’s election system is “very decentralised” and that “counties are responsible for running the elections and tabulating the results” in an interview that aired on Monday night.

When asked by John King exactly what the role of the Arizona secretary of state is in certifying the election, Bones stated that the process has worked the same way for years: all 15 counties will report their results to the office of the secretary of state, and then the office of the secretary of state compiles those results and puts together the state-wide canvass.

Bones made this statement in response to King’s questioning. At that time, “the secretary does sign off on it,” said Bones, but the governor, the attorney general, and the top justice of the state Supreme Court will also sign off on those final results. Bones stated that the final results will be released.

As she and Hobbs competed to succeed term-limited Republican Governor Doug Ducey in 2022, Lake, a former news anchor at Fox 10 in Phoenix, rose fast through the ranks to become one of the most prominent Republicans in the state. In the primary election, the outgoing governor supported Lake’s opponent, but then switched his support to Lake for the general election.

Hobbs, a former social worker who worked with victims of domestic abuse before becoming a state senator, ran a much more low-key and understated campaign. She limited her access to reporters and held small, private events with supporters.

This was all done to maintain a low profile. She made democracy and abortion rights the focal points of her campaign, painting Lake as an “extreme” and “dangerous” figure who could compromise the integrity of the presidential election in 2024 by refusing to certify the results of the vote.

In this second campaign, she received assistance from Republican Representative Liz Cheney, whose political action committee backed with $500,000 an advertisement asking people in Arizona to vote against both Lake and Finchem. Following this, Lake published a mocking message on Twitter in which she thanked Cheney for her “in-kind contribution” and claimed that the advertisement was, in fact, beneficial to her campaign.

Cheney’s response to Lake’s tweet from October 28 was a straightforward statement that read, “You’re welcome.” This came after the race was called for Hobbs on Monday night.

On Monday night, Barrett Marson, a Republican strategist in Arizona who worked for Masters during the state’s Senate primary election, discussed the benefits of supporting Donald Trump. “It’s finished. The only appropriate action for Kari Lake to take at this point is to respectfully concede. One thing is clear to us after this election: it is not effective to win elections by following Trump off a cliff.

Lake followed the Trump playbook quite faithfully, and not just about the upcoming election in 2020. In what she described as an effort to amass greater power for the governor’s office to address the migrant crisis, she promised to declare an “invasion” at the border, and she called for the arrest of both Dr Anthony Fauci and her Democratic opponent. She also called for the governor’s office to declare a state of emergency.

After becoming a household figure in Phoenix, Lake quit her anchor job in 2021, before announcing her candidacy, because she didn’t like the path that journalism was taking, she explained. Lake had become a household celebrity in Phoenix. She said that she was going to take a sledgehammer to “leftist lies and propaganda” in one of the campaign videos that she posted online, and she demonstrated this by destroying television sets while wearing stiletto boots.

She removed her primary opponents with her strident denunciations of the management of the Covid-19 outbreak by Democratic officials. She blasted limitations such as masking as being needless and damaging to youngsters. She was delighted when a supporter complimented her by saying that she looked like “Trump in a dress,” and she encouraged comparisons to be made between herself and the presidential candidate for the entirety of the campaign.

After Hobbs refused to debate her opponent in the fall, Lake portrayed Hobbs as a coward in their conversation. A discussion between Hobbs and Lake, the Hobbs team contended, “would only lead to continuous interruptions, needless distractions, and infantile name-calling.”

Hobbs mentioned in an interview that Lake had made multiple calls for her arrest, and she stated that Lake’s rhetoric had led to “violent threats and harassment against me.” Hobbs said that Lake’s rhetoric had led to “violent threats and harassment against me.”

Lake, on the other hand, interpreted the responses of her opponent as indicative of a lack of strength and argued that since Hobbs did not accept to debate her, “she can’t stand up against the cartels.”

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