Republican Party Is Worried
Republican Party Is Worried

The Republican Party Is Worried That Trump’s Decision To Run For President In 2024 May Backfire

Even though some of his closest advisors are urging him not to, former President Trump is going ahead with his 2024 campaign launch next week. They say that it could be dangerous for both Trump and the Republican Party as a whole.

Trump would lose help from the Republican National Committee (RNC) in paying his legal bills if he formally announced his candidacy. It would also make it harder for him to raise money and might encourage potential GOP challengers to move up their plans if the news didn’t go over well.

Other Republicans are especially worried about how an early Trump announcement could hurt them in Georgia, where a runoff election next month could decide who controls the Senate. If Trump has already said he will run for president again, lawmakers and party strategists worry that it will be a big reason for Democrats to vote in 2020 in states where Trump just barely lost.

After this week’s midterm elections, some Republicans are saying out loud that the party needs to completely move on from Trump.

Chris Sununu, the Republican governor of New Hampshire, easily won re-election on Tuesday. He called the idea of Trump running for president in 2024 so early a “silly decision.” In an interview with SiriusXM on Friday, Sununu said, “He could make it hard for [Herschel] Walker to win in Georgia in his runoff.”

Republican Party Is Worried
Republican Party Is Worried

“I think the former president doesn’t realise that if he announces, he won’t stop anyone from running,” he said. “But no one else is going to say anything until the summer or fall, because they need to raise money and all that. So it will be very strange for him to be the only one in the race. Nobody will care. It will just be strange.”

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Trump hinted on Monday that he would announce his plans next week. He wants to keep the momentum going after a good night for Republicans in the midterms. But the expected red wave didn’t happen, and some of Trump’s most well-known supporters lost big races.

Jason Miller, a top adviser to Trump who worked on his campaigns in 2016 and 2020, put an end to rumours on Friday that the former president might be questioning his choice now that the results are in.

“President Trump will say that he’s running for president on Tuesday. Miller told former Trump White House staffer Stephen Bannon on Bannon’s radio show that the news would be made in a very professional way. The former president and his supporters who want him to run see some benefits to making his decision early.

If they did this, it would send a message to other Republicans that they either have to support Trump in 2024 or risk being shunned by the MAGA wing of the party. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who is in charge of the House, has already said she will vote for Trump in 2024. It could also get rid of potential candidates like Nikki Haley, who said in April 2021 that she wouldn’t run for president if Trump was in the race.

Some people close to Trump also think that the former president wants to announce his candidacy before he is charged with mishandling classified information after he left the White House. If he is actively running for president, the Justice Department would have to decide how to bring charges, which would be hard. However, Trump’s supporters would still say that any indictment was done for political reasons.

In an interview this summer, Trump said that investigations into his behaviour were not behind a possible third run for the White House. Still, Trump is taking a lot of risks by starting his campaign almost two years before the election.

Campaign finance laws would limit what Trump could do with the money he raised through his Save America PAC and limit the amount of money he could get over such a long period. Ronna McDaniel, who is in charge of the RNC, says that if Trump runs for president, the party can no longer pay his legal bills.

Republican Party Is Worried
Republican Party Is Worried

Multiple Republican strategists and some former Trump campaign staffers doubted that an early announcement would clear the field of possible primary challengers. Potential candidates like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R), former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) are unlikely to be put off by Trump’s announcement.

A former Trump campaign adviser said, “That’s part of the problem with his candidacy. The earlier he does it, the more time he gives Glenn Youngkin or Ron DeSantis to wait, see where the opening is, and see where he is around the end of the second quarter.”

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Trump has been especially hard on DeSantis in recent days, saying that the Florida governor was not grateful enough for Trump’s help in his 2018 campaign. He has also threatened to release damaging information about DeSantis in the 2024 primary and made fun of him by calling him “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

But most of the time, the attacks haven’t worked. After his landslide victory on Tuesday, DeSantis hasn’t said anything, and many conservatives have come together to support Florida’s governor. But many Republicans in Georgia are worried that what happened two years ago will happen again if Trump makes an early announcement.

“If I’m advising any contender — DeSantis, Trump, whomever — nobody announces 2024 until we get through Dec. Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. She added that Trump should “pause” any plans to talk about 2024.

The former president helps get out the vote not just for Republicans but also for Democrats and independents who don’t agree with him. In 2020, he narrowly lost Georgia, making him the first Republican since 1992 to lose the state.

Trump then spent the weeks before a Senate runoff election in January 2021 spreading lies about the 2020 election and making people in Georgia doubt that their votes would be counted. In the end, the Democrats won both of the Senate runoffs, giving them control of the chamber.

Some people in the GOP, like Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, billionaire donor Ken Griffin, and Rep.-elect Mike Lawler (N.Y.), who beat the House Democrats’ campaign chief, have said that the party should completely move on from Trump.

“When you are thinking about the future, it’s hard to go back to the past. Lawler said on CNN, “I think people are excited about the chance to deal with the problems we face as a country.” “And I think more attention should be paid to the issues and what they are about than to the people involved.”

Finchem lost the Arizona secretary of state race because he didn’t believe the election results. Nevada gives all three House Democrats their seats back. But these worries haven’t swayed Trump. He’s been itching to announce the third run for the White House for months, but advisors and party leaders have told him not to.

In recent days, the former president has said that the midterms were a success for him personally. He has done this by pointing out that dozens of candidates he backed for the House, Senate, and other offices won their races.

Miller said two days ago that the Georgia runoff should be “priorities A, B, and C.” On Friday, he said Trump told him about his plans: “There’s no need for a question. I’m running, of course. I’m going to do this, and I want everyone to know that I’m fired up and that we need to get the country back on track.

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