In A Lawsuit Against An Arizona County, Lake Wants To See Election Records
In A Lawsuit Against An Arizona County, Lake Wants To See Election Records

In A Lawsuit Against An Arizona County, Lake Wants To See Election Records

Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona who lost the election, has filed a lawsuit requesting that Maricopa County hand over various papers about the election. The action is linked to public records.

Lake has refused to acknowledge that she lost the election to Democrat Katie Hobbs and has, for weeks, drawn attention to voters who said they experienced long lines and other difficulties while voting on Election Day in Arizona‘s largest county. Hobbs won the election. Lake has refused to acknowledge that she lost.

In the lawsuit filed on Wednesday, her attorney, Tim LaSota, claims that the county has not completed the requests for public documents sent on November 15 and 16. These requests are made to identify voters who may have had difficulty casting a ballot. Examples of these voters include persons who checked in at more than one voting centre or those who checked in at a polling site and returned a mail ballot.

In addition, Lake requests information regarding counted and uncounted ballots that were accidentally confused. The county officials have admitted that the issue happened at a few polling places, but they say that it occurs in the majority of elections and that it can be resolved.

Maricopa County has been inundated with complaints from Lake and her allies about the problems that occurred on Election Day. Most of these complaints stem from a problem with printers at some vote centres, which caused those vote centres to print ballots with markings that were too faint to be read by the on-site tabulators. Even though every vote was counted, Lake believes that some of her supporters may not have been able to cast a ballot due to the turmoil that occurred during the election.

Before certifying the election results, Lake requests that the county submit the records. On Monday, the day before the state-mandated deadline, the Board of Supervisors, controlled by Republicans in a 4-1 majority, votes to certify the election.

Votes on certifying the election results are also expected to occur on Monday in five other counties, including the two counties in which Republican supervisors decided earlier to delay certifying the election results. The statewide canvass is going to take place on December 5th.

On Friday, county officials did not respond immediately to a request for a comment that was made. Republican Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates has stated that the county accepts responsibility for the printer issue. Still, he has blamed prominent Republicans, such as the state GOP Chair Kelli Ward, for exacerbating the problem by telling voters not to allow their ballots to be counted at the elections headquarters in downtown Phoenix. Gates is a member of the Republican Party.

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