Juventus Beat Sassuolo 3-0 Thanks To Di Maria And Vlahovic


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A person who was hurt The 2022/23 Serie A season for Juventus got off to a great start when Dusan Vlahovic scored twice in a 3-0 home win over Sassuolo. Vlahovic scored twice, but the star of the show was the new player, Angel Di Maria, who gave the home fans at Allianz Stadium a dazzling performance. The Argentine was a free-flowing presence behind the Serbian striker. He opened the scoring with a beautiful volley and put on a deadly attack.

Sassuolo played well in the first half, but they slowed down after halftime and didn’t do much to stop Juventus, who won their home opener with ease.

After getting all three points, Juve will worry about the health of Juan Cuadrado, Weston McKennie, and Denis Zakaria, who all got some kind of treatment, but Paul Pogba and Wojciech Szczesny are still out with injuries. During a water break just after an hour, the American looked like he was in a lot of pain, but he stayed on until he quit a few minutes later.


What’s New? Bremer And Di Maria Are Off To A Great Start

Paul Pogba’s return to the club has been delayed, but a number of the new players who joined Juventus this summer made sure that the injured players weren’t missed at the start of the season.

Angel Di Maria was amazing. He was put in a free spot behind Dusan Vlahovic and was allowed to move around. Most of the time, he played on the right side, where he crossed the ball, took on players, and gave Juventus its style.

He scored a spectacular goal by volleying the ball into the ground in a creative way so that it popped up right over the goalkeeper’s head. Later, a stunning rabona pass made everyone look up from the ground to pick up their jaws.

New middle-back Bremer was also great. Even though Sassuolo had a lot of possession in the second half, Bremer kept them from scoring. His strength was important when he went up against attackers with their backs to the goal.

Dusan Vlahovic Gets Over His Rust In The First Game Of The Season.

Most people would have understood if Dusan Vlahovic, the star player for Juventus, was a little rusty at the beginning of the season. The Serbian missed a lot of preseason because of an injury, so it’s understandable that it took him a while to find his shooting form.

Vlahovic had trouble getting the ball in the net in the first half, but he won a penalty and scored in style for his first goal of the season. He missed a few opportunities and seemed off his game.

But that changed at the half. Vlahovic’s goal in the second half was a great example of how to control your body. The Juve forward twisted his body to react to a deflection and still redirected the ball inside the far post. After halftime, it didn’t matter what Vlahovic needed to do to get over the summer rust. The Serbian is ready to go this season. His ability to score goals will be very important for Juventus’ chances of winning the Serie A title.

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Juventus vs. Sassuolo final score

1H 2H Final
Juventus 2 1 3
Sassuolo 0 0 0

26th min — JUV — Angel Di Maria
43rd min — JUV — Dusan Vlahovic (pen)
51st min — JUV — Dusan Vlahovic

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