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Is Vaccine Compulsory For Kids? Will They Force Kids To Get Vaccinated!!

As per the news, the Biden administration has bought 65 million pediatric vaccine doses from Pfizer. The question arises: Is vaccine compulsory for kids? 

The vaccine was accepted by the FDA and recommended by the CDC. Now so many states are so far making policies about children’s vaccination.

Recently this month, Governor Gavin Newsom made an announcement that California will add the Coronavirus vaccine to the list of vaccinations, only vaccinated kids are eligible to attend the school New York governor Kathy Hochul was asked if she would make the same condition.

She confined, saying, “I will hold judgment on that very question right now. I want to make sure everyone does the right thing. They have the tools they need, they have the vaccines, but if it turns out that we see an increase in cases and people aren’t compliant…I’m going to keep all options on the table.”

The question of vaccinating young kids is very complex. There’s no strong proof that kids need to be vaccinated. A few days after Gov. Newsom made an announcement, news came that his 12-year-old daughter, who is allowed to get the vaccine, is not vaccinated yet. It is not a very simple decision as the governor would have it seem.

Some countries in Europe are giving only one dose to the teens- a choice was not given to the American parents and not reviewed “full” vaccination when it arrives at entering spaces with vaccine approvals, the places such as restaurants or museums in New York City and Los Angeles.

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Europe has handled kids very differently in the pandemics than America has. Schools were opened, but there are some places where kids are not allowed to enter, the kids with age 11 or 12 were allowed only when they have their masks on. In America, it is compulsory to wear a mask at the age of 2.

To step into Iceland, adults have to show their Covid test reports but children don’t. The kids are considered neither hazard nor at hazard.

Studies show that unvaccinated children have a lower chance of death from Covid than fully vaccinated adults of any age.

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