Is SZA Dating Bill Nye
Is SZA Dating Bill Nye

Is SZA Dating Bill Nye? Latest Information About Their Relationship!

The real name of the well-known American singer and artist SZA is Solána Imani Rowe. American science communicator, mechanical designer, and TV host Bill Nye is famous. It’s widely believed that SZA and Bill Nye are dating.

SZA is undoubtedly a stranger to hearing about online dates, but the most recent claim about her passionate past may be the strangest thus far.

With the development of Kill Bill, a popular song from her most recent full-length release, SOS, pictures have started circulating that suggest a possible ex-relationship with Bill Nye, The Science Guy.

Is SZA Dating Bill Nye?

Bill Nye and SZA are not currently dating. According to, Bill Nye seems to be very happy with his current wife, Liza Mundy. Bill and Liza married in 2022, and their continued public outings prove they have fallen in love.

SZA and Bill Nye dating bits of gossip happened because of a photograph SZA posted on Instagram with Bill Nye subtitling, “I miss Bill Nye, I missed when individuals were more pleasant, I miss my mind being vacant, Haha.”

SZA Dating Bill Nye

Who Is Bill Nye?

American science communicator, mechanical expert, and TV moderator Bill Nye works in these fields. Being a Science Fellow has made him well known.

He rose to fame as the host of the Netflix series Bill Nye Recoveries the World and the science television program Bill Nye the Science Fellow.

Bill has made multiple appearances as a science teacher in well-known media. Bill Nye’s real name is William Sanford Nye.

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Did SZA and Bill Nye Date?

SZA And Bill Nye are not dating. When Sza’s song, Kill Bill, was published, the fans started speculating about their romantic relationship.

The ambiguity surrounding the tune hasn’t been confirmed yet. The rumors increased after SZA posted a picture on an entertainment website. The truth is that it is unrelated in any way.

According to theartistree, SZA and Bill Nye are former friends and collaborators from media organizations. They have not publicly admitted to dating, despite the rumors.

About SZA and Bill Nye’s Relationship

Despite their different ages, SZA and Bill Nye become great friends. There is no likelihood that they are connected. SZA from the music industry is really eager to concentrate on her work.

She is devoted to her profession. She previously had connections with a few people, according to specific sources.

They were merely pieces of rumor, and this new information about her was just a simple conversation. This makes it clear that SZA and Bill Nye are not dating.

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