Who is Jordan Poole Dating?
Who is Jordan Poole Dating?

Who is Jordan Poole Dating? All About His Love Journey

The subject of Jordan Poole’s girlfriend has received much attention lately. Several fans have started to speculate whether the guard for the Golden State Warriors is dating Kim Cruz, as he recently signed a lucrative contract.

One of the league’s most gifted young players is Poole. A champion now, and many supporters anticipate that he will one day become a superstar.

It’s hardly unexpected that his admirers desire to learn more about his personal life, considering the amount of media coverage he’s received.

All we know about Kim Cruz, including whether or if she is Jordan Poole’s girlfriend, will be revealed in this article. We’ll also examine the budding star for the Warriors and his 2022–23 season thus far.

Who is Jordan Poole Dating?

Famous Filipino blogger and artist Kim Cruz hails from the Philippines. The social media sensation, born in 1997, has put much effort into building a sizable following on her public profiles. Cruz’s Instagram account had 426 thousand followers as of December 2022.

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The 24-year-old woman started in the business as a TV host. She eventually followed her passion for art and joined an art gallery. Cruz has posted a lot of her work on her public Instagram feed.

When Kim Cruz was photographed wearing one of Jordan Poole’s shirts in October 2021, many admirers started to speculate whether she was the relationship’s subject.

The influencer furthered these speculations by posting a Golden State Warriors game photo. According to Sideaction’s source, the basketball player is in a relationship with the artist:

“Jordan Poole is dating Kim Cruz,” the source revealed. “She was wearing one of his shirts that wasn’t out exclusively yet at the time. Every time she’s at his games she turns her comments off. they’ve been together for a few months.”

Jordan Poole Dating

Based on the evidence, Kim Cruz appears to be Jordan Poole’s girlfriend. We cannot verify this claim because neither has made their relationship known to the public.

How Effective has Jordan Poole Been this Year?

The 2022–23 season has seen a minor decline in Jordan Poole’s stats. The 6-foot-4 guard is averaging 16.7 points per game this year compared to 18.5 last season.

Despite Poole’s underwhelming performance, there is no cause for concern. Even though the season is still in its early stages, he has only played in 24 games.

Jordan’s numbers are down from last year, which is unsurprising given how poorly the Golden State Warriors have performed. They’ve been playing excellent basketball lately, winning five of their previous six games, which is a blessing.

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