Is Marian Rivera Pregnant?
Is Marian Rivera Pregnant?

Is Marian Rivera Pregnant? Does Baby No. 3 Have a Spanish-filipino Actress on Its Cast Roster?

Is Marian Rivera expecting a child? Marian Rivera, a well-known Spanish-Filipino actress, television personality, model, and businesswoman, has left an everlasting imprint on the entertainment world.

Rivera has received numerous praises and prizes throughout her career for her fascinating representations of heroines and parts in love dramas. Her influence extends beyond the screen, with Forbes Asia naming her one of the most powerful Filipino celebrities in the Asia-Pacific area in 2020.

With a history in commercial modeling and acting, she has been in a number of films and television shows, catapulting her to celebrity status. It’s no surprise that fans and the media are interested in her personal life as she continues to attract audiences.

Rumors of Marian Rivera’s pregnancy have been circulating on the internet recently. Let’s get into the contents of this article to find out the truth about her pregnant status.

Is Marian Rivera Pregnant?

Maria Rivera is not expecting a child. It’s time to put those Marian Rivera pregnancy rumors to rest because they appear to be absolutely false. Despite all of the talk, there isn’t a single piece of concrete evidence to back up her assertion.

A quick peek at her most recent Instagram images reveals no noticeable baby belly to indicate a pregnancy. She has also made no official declaration regarding her pregnancy. So, for the time being, it’s safe to state that these speculations look to be just that – rumors.

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Who Is Marian Rivera Married To?

Marian Rivera and her spouse, Dingdong Dantes, are happily married. Their love story took an unforgettable turn in August 2014, when Dantes, Rivera’s longtime boyfriend, made an unexpected and surprising appearance on her dance program.

He proposed to her right there, during the live show, making it the second time he’d proposed; the first time was in Macau. Rivera’s path to marriage took an unusual turn: in order to marry Dantes, she had to undergo conditional baptism in the Roman Catholic Church.

Is Marian Rivera Pregnant

This was due to the fact that the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines at the time did not recognize her first baptism in Spain as being valid because the church that administered it was not on their list of recognized valid baptisms.

Rivera practiced the Aglipayan faith inside the Philippine Independent Church prior to her rebaptism in the Roman Catholic Church. They married on December 30, 2014.

Their wedding was lavish, with the ceremony held at Cubao Cathedral in Quezon City and the reception at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay. The entire celebration was televised on GMA Network, and they invited over 1,200 guests to celebrate their big day.

How Many Kids Does Mariana Rivera Have?

Marian Rivera, a joyful mother of two children, had some exciting news to share with the rest of the world. She and her husband happily revealed in April 2015 that they were expecting their first child, and not long after that, they brought their beautiful daughter into the world.

Marian is not just a kind mother but also a strong supporter of public breastfeeding. On November 25, 2016, the Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines honored her with the Breastfeeding Influencer and Advocate Award. This honor emphasized her dedication to public nursing, a matter important to her heart.

Marian Rivera and her husband had another happy announcement to make on September 25, 2018: they were expecting their second child. On April 16, 2019, their son, Jose Sixto Gonzalez, fondly known as Ziggy, was born at Makati Medical Center, adding to the delight of their growing family.

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