Google Pixel 7 killed the iPhone 14
Google Pixel 7 killed the iPhone 14

The Iphone 14 was Surpassed by The Google Pixel 7

This is true for both hardware and software, and here’s the “curse” part: adding new features takes a long time. Some of us are still waiting for Touch ID to come back in some way, and widgets took a long time to come to iOS. Apple took a few years to let people delete apps that came with the phone and to make Siri work with third-party apps as well.

The same is true for notifications and translation features. Instead of making something completely new, Apple has been working on design improvements, animations, 3D emojis, and now Dynamic Island. The Pixels, on the other hand, are getting closer and closer to becoming the personal communicator of the future. Here’s why.

Dynamic Island Is A Better Game Than Photo Unblur Any Day Of The Week

Which would you prefer more: an elaborate animation surrounding your selfie camera, or better photographs taken with the camera? You may make your outdated or fuzzy images look more presentable by just tapping a few times on the screen. The unblur feature makes use of artificial intelligence, and the result may be adjusted using a straightforward slider.

Even more impressive is the fact that this program is compatible with photographs captured by any camera installed on any mobile device. If only it could fix my old images, some of which date back to 2004, I would buy a Pixel. Yes, there are choices provided by third parties, and with a bit of work, you can probably achieve a result that is comparable on any phone; but, that is not the point.

Google Pixel 7 killed the iPhone 14

There are other helpful tools baked right into the core of the Pixel 7 (and other Pixels for that matter), and even though other brands might have similar things, Google’s implementation is typically the best one (remember the Pixel 3 and its software camera magic?). Photo Unblur is just the latest example (Magic Eraser also comes to mind), and there are other useful tools baked right into the core of the Pixel 7 (and other Pixels for that matter).

It’s Out Of This World To Have Live Translation And Transcription

Simply put, I was blown away by how impressive these capabilities are on the Pixels. Although I tested them on an Android handset that was part of the Beta program, I found that they performed significantly better on Google hardware. You may turn Japanese nonsense into something that you could grasp practically in real time and inside your ear by using Live Translate. Live Translate is available for free online (with a pair of Pixel Buds).

Your audio messages can also be transcribed automatically for you by the Pixel 7, right on the device itself. This eliminates the need to submit the data to servers and then wait for the transcribed result to be sent to you. On iOS, you can transcribe messages using Siri and dictate text to Siri, but the results are not ideal. And this brings us to the following point.

When Pitted Against Siri, Google’s Assistant Comes Out On Top

When it comes to integrating with third-party apps and devices, Google Assistant is way ahead of Siri. There are thousands of smart home devices that work with Assistant, but only a few that would work with Siri.

And when it comes to searching, Assistant always beats Siri because that’s what Google does best. You can find out for yourself by looking at the annual IQ test that Loup Ventures gives to all of its virtual assistants. You can even ask the Assistant to call and make an appointment for you. Now that’s what I call “helping.”

Even more important is that Google Assistant will only get smarter, thanks to the open nature of Android and all the third-party developers who are working to connect their software and hardware gadgets to Google’s helpful mastermind.

Apple Private Relay Is Not As Good As Google Vpn

Google VPN, on the other hand, is a real full-fledged VPN service that works with your device and not only encrypts your IP and data but also uses something called traffic obfuscation to make encrypted traffic look more like normal traffic. This is a much better way to get around restrictions like geolocation blocking and other things.

The service is still offline, but it should be available on the new Pixels sometime in December. We still need to test it thoroughly to see if it does everything it says it will, but chances are it will.

On the other hand, Private Relay traffic is easy to spot and can be blocked if necessary (Apple itself provides the necessary information and instructions to schools, businesses, and other entities on how to prepare their networks for Private Relay, and effectively identify the traffic).

But Why Are There So Many Bugs?

There’s no doubt that this needs to be fixed. Sometimes Pixels feel like unfinished alpha prototypes, which is the last thing you want after spending several hundred dollars. iOS, on the other hand, is very well-made and has almost no bugs.

Here’s where you have to decide whether to connect with your inner explorer and adventurer or to play it safe. I know it’s hard to ask, but why should we add another boring or mundane thing to our lives?

I could deal with a few bugs as long as the whole thing keeps me interested and excited. And in a world where a simple animation around the punch hole is seen as a groundbreaking feature, I think that leap of faith is more important than ever.

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