iPadOS 16.1
iPadOS 16.1

Highlighting the Five Best New Features in iOS 16.1 for iPad

Apple postponed the release of iPadOS 16 to bring improvements to the Stage Manager feature. This was even though iOS 16 has been available since September. As the iPadOS 16 update is now fully available, many people who own iPads will begin installing it today for the very first time.

For those who are just getting started with iPadOS 16, we have compiled a list of the five best features that are worth looking into, as well as a brief overview of some planned additions that Apple intends to roll out shortly. Be sure to check out the video we have embedded above to see how these capabilities can be used.

Stage Manager – The release of iPadOS 16 was held up because of a new feature called Stage Manager, which offers a multitasking experience similar to that of a Mac. Stage Manager gives you the ability to have four app windows open at the same time, and you can switch between them using a sidebar. It is uncertain how well Stage Manager will be received by the general public because it has been criticized for providing an experience that is below average and rife with bugs.

iPad models M1, M2, A12Z, and A12X are all capable of using it, even if the beta version of the External Display capability has been temporarily disabled. Apple has stated that they want to re-add it at a later date; however, support for External Displays will only be available on iPad models M1 and M2.

Display Modes – Apple has included additional reference modes for iPad Pro users that need to use their devices in a professional capacity and have purchased one of Apple’s iPad Pro models. Display Zoom gives you the ability to select alternate views in addition to the standard one, allowing you to select alternatives such as more space or larger text.

Reference mode is designed to give users of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro the ability to display reference color in addition to SDR and HDR. The Display and Brightness area of the Settings app is where you’ll find the various customization options.

Mail Updates – Apple redesigned the Mail program and included some helpful new features, such as Undo Send, which allows users to retract previously sent emails for up to thirty seconds after they have done so. You also have the option to schedule messages and receive reminders to follow up on an email that you haven’t received a response to yet.

Messages Updates – If the recipient of your message is also using iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, or macOS Ventura, you will both be able to edit and unsend messages sent through the Messages app, provided that all of the aforementioned operating systems are installed on their devices.

iPadOS 16.1

You may now restore messages that have been erased and mark a discussion as unread. Additionally, the FaceTime SharePlay function is now available in the Messages app, which allows you to view movies, television shows, and other content while speaking with pals.

App for the Weather – Finally, Apple has released the much-anticipated Weather app for the iPad. It is identical to the Weather app that comes pre-installed on iPhones and offers 10-day predictions in addition to information on precipitation, air quality, UV index, wind speed, and other weather-related factors.

Freeform (Coming Soon)Apple is working on an app called Freeform that will be released later on this year. It’s an app for collaboratively coming up with ideas that you can use to scribble down notes, draw sketches, add links, import documents, and upload videos, among other things. Using FaceTime or Messages as a means of communication among participants who are collaborating on a document is possible.

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