How Rich Is Mayim Bialik? Her Net Worth May Surprise You!


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Early in Mayim Bialik’s career, she played Bette Midler’s character as a child in the 1989 movie “Beaches.” Depending on what decade you grew up in, you might know her best from the 90s show “Blossom”. Or you might know her as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on “The Big Bang Theory”, which is a comedy. She got four Emmy nominations for that show and made lots of money from it.

On August 11, I read that the actress Mayim Bialik became one of two new hosts for the game show Jeopardy and will take on hosting all primetime shows including a college championship tournament.

Aside from the shows that made her career, Bialik has also been in many other movies and TV shows. She was in “The Facts of Life” and “Webster,” to name a few. She also appeared in Michael Jackson’s 1989 song “Liberian Girl.”

Mayim Bialik Net Worth: $25 Million

The role you liked most was The Big Bang Theory. Early on, she earned about $200,000 per episode – that’s $4 million per season. But in 2017, the five stars of the show agreed to take a pay cut so that they would both receive more money. They each got $450,000 per episode which is around 10 million dollars for two seasons. That adds up to 25 million dollars!Mayim Bialik

Her Other Talents

Bialik, one of the most well-rounded actresses in 2007, earned a Ph.D in neuroscience from UCLA. She played a neuroscientist on “The Big Bang Theory” when she joined the show.

Bialik has written a number of books, including “Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way;” “Mayim’s Vegan Table: More Than 100 Great-Tasting and Healthy Recipes from My Family to Yours;” “Girling Up: How to be Strong, Smart and Spectacular;” and “Boying Up: How to be Brave, Bold and Brilliant.

A vegan, Bialik co-founded a nonprofit organization called Shamayim V’Aretz Institute. This group promotes veganism and animal advocacy. She also owned a restaurant called Bodhi Bowl and currently, she founded an online website that is for people to discuss current events.Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik Personal Life

Bialik is from a family of Jewish immigrants. She married Michael Stone and had two sons with him before they divorced in 2013.

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Awards & Honors

In 1988, Bialik got an award for the best young actress in a motion picture comedy or fantasy for her performance in “Beaches.” She got another award nomination in 1990 and 1991. Then she played on “Blossom” and she was nominated again.

The Big Bang Theory has won many awards for Mayim Bialik. She has won some Online Film Critics Society awards, Critics’ Choice Television Awards, and a Critics Choice Award from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Boston University gave her an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree in 2014.

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