Good Burger 2 Release Date
Good Burger 2 Release Date

Is Good Burger 2 Release Date Confirmed in 2023? All About the Cast and Storyline for a Tasty Sequel!!

Celebrate the return of the powerful burger-flipping combo Dexter and Ed this summer by grilling a few more burgers! In a few months, the hot sequel to the teen comedy classic Good Burger will be released!

Actors and sketch comedians Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell played two adolescents who work at the greasy yet reputable burger joint Good Burger in the movie Good Burger. Dan Schneider, Kevin Kopelow, and Heath Seifert wrote the screenplay for the movie, which was made by Nickelodeon Movies and released in theaters by Paramount Pictures.

It had a good opening in July 1997 and made $23.7 million on a $8.5 million expenditure. You might be thinking that this announcement is unreal and wondering when Good Burger 2 would be released, among other things.

Who is among the cast and what will the plot of Good Burger 2 be? All of those questions have answers right here, along with a few others. Here is everything we currently know about the film.

Good Burger 2 Release Date

The movie was first officially announced in March 2023 when Thompson and Mitchell made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to allow for some early promotion. Now, a date for the release of Good Burger 2 on the streaming service Paramount+ in November 2023 remains unknown.

If you want to know more about this movie release date let’s see this tweeter post given below:

The continuing double strike may cause this to change, and although a theatrical release is not anticipated for the movie, it is possible that it will in the near future. Follow along! Recently, Thompson and Mitchell gave an exclusive first peek at Good Burger 2 on the afternoon news show TODAY.

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Good Burger 2 Cast

As Dexter and Ed, respectively, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell will return to the franchise. Josh Server will reprise his role as Fizz, a Good Burger drive-thru clerk, and Lori Connie Muldoon, a client, will be played once more by Beth Denberg.

Alongside Thompson and Mitchell, Server and Denberg appeared on the Nickelodeon program All That as cast members. Like Roxanne, Carmen Electra will also make a comeback.

Good Burger 2 Release Date

A few new characters have been introduced to the Good Burger universe, including comedians Jillian Bell as Katt Boswell, the CEO of MegaCorp, and Lil Rel Howery as Cecil McNevin, a lawyer for the company MegaCorp. The majority of the other supporting cast members from the first movie are not anticipated to make appearances.

What Is the Plot of Good Burger 2?

After yet another of Dexter Reed’s inventions fails, he finds himself in bad straits. Dex gets given his old job back by Ed when he returns to Good Burger. Dex creates a strategy to get back on his feet with a new crew working at Good Burger but unwittingly endangers the future of the restaurant once more in the process.

As evidence that the movie will maintain continuity with earlier iterations of Ed, it appears that Ed has advanced from cashier to manager for his years of service at Good Burger, which was actually the basis for the character’s comeback in the All That revival. If Ed is in power right now, being Dexter’s boss will undoubtedly result in some absurd circumstances.

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