The Girlfriend Of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, Who Died On The Job, Is Suing Donald Trump
The Girlfriend Of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, Who Died On The Job, Is Suing Donald Trump

The Girlfriend Of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, Who Died On The Job, Is Suing Donald Trump

The girlfriend of U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick has filed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and two of the rioters who were present at the Capitol.

According to the complaint that was submitted on Thursday, Sandra Garza, who is Sicknick’s girlfriend, is asking for each of the defendants to pay a total of $10 million. Her attorney has stated that any money that is won as a consequence of the litigation will be contributed to a charitable organization. According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Donald Trump was directly responsible for “the violence at the United States Capitol that followed and then watched approvingly as the building was overrun.”

“As soon as the defendant Trump finished his address, a group of rebels stormed the hill that was surrounding the United States Capitol and began climbing the building’s exterior walls. Rioters reportedly attacked the officers with metal poles while they were on duty. The local authorities and law police put out a plea for assistance. As the crowd attacked law enforcement officials and tore down the gates that had been built to defend the United States Capitol, officers requested backup “as stated in the lawsuit.

Trump Lawyers Try To Get Rid Of A Rape Lawsuit By Going After The Adult Survivors Act
Trump Lawyers Try To Get Rid Of A Rape Lawsuit By Going After The Adult Survivors Act

On January 6, 2021, Julian Elie Khater, who was named as a defendant in the complaint, entered a guilty plea on charges of assaulting law enforcement personnel. According to reports from the Department of Justice, Khater employed pepper spray, which resulted in injuries to law enforcement officers.

Another defendant in the complaint, George Pierre Tanios, was first charged with assaulting a police officer but eventually pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors instead of the more serious allegation. “This lawsuit is a crucial step in the process of bringing those responsible for Officer Sicknick’s death accountable for their actions, even if nothing can bring Officer Sicknick back to his fiancĂ©e or his family.

Khater and Tanios responded to a summons from former President Donald Trump inviting them to Washington, DC, to participate in an assault on the Capitol. This resulted in the unfortunate passing of Officer Sicknick “according to attorney Matt Kaiser, who is representing Garza in this matter.

According to the United States Capitol Police, Sicknick “passed away due to injuries sustained while on duty” and “was injured while physically dealing with demonstrators.” Both of these incidents occurred while he was working. According to the Capitol Police, Sicknick went back to his office, where he fell. After being brought to a nearby hospital, “he succumbed to his injuries” there.

During an autopsy, the Chief Medical Examiner for the District of Columbia, Francisco Diaz, discovered that there was no evidence that Sicknick died as a result of an allergic reaction to chemical irritants. Instead, Diaz discovered that Sicknick died from “acute brainstem and cerebellar infarcts due to acute basilar artery thrombosis.”

According to statements made by Diaz to the Washington Post, the events that occurred on January 6, 2021 “had a role in his condition.” A spokeswoman for Trump provided a message to Fox News Digital in which they responded to the complaint.

“In a statement that was emphatic and crystal clear, President Trump urged the people of the United States to “make their opinions heard in a peaceful and patriotic manner.” However, big tech corporations have unilaterally blocked and silenced his appeals for peace, and as a result, they should be held accountable for the horrible actions they have taken.

On the other hand, radical Democrats such as Maxine Waters and several other individuals, along with many more, have advocated extreme violence against conservatives and other individuals who refuse to submit to their twisted ideology. The President of the United States is immune to baseless assaults, and he will continue to keep his whole attention directed toward achieving his goal of “Making America Great Again.” “a representative of the company stated.

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