‘Geronimo’ Meaning Explained: TikTok Joke Says It’s A Slur!

‘Geronimo’ Meaning Explained: TikTok

A new trend on TikTok is going around where people refuse to say the word, Geronimo. What does it mean?

TikTok is a place where there are many new trends. Some of them have no meaning or purpose. Jokes are made to be funny. Some of them are not good for kids because they are too young.

It seems like you have been seeing a lot of videos with the word Geronimo on TikTok. But this word is being censored. What does this mean? Let’s find out.

‘Geronimo’ goes viral on TikTok

TikTok has been flooded with videos about Geronimo. You might not know why they are so popular, but it is because of a song called Geronimo.

The word, ‘Geronimo,’ can come from a song called ‘Geronimo’ that was released in 2014 by the Australian band, Sheppard.

People are sharing the song on TikTok, but they have been censoring the word Geronimo as if it were a swear word. Many people say this word is a slur. They also call it the g-slur.

The meaning of ‘so what’ is…

What does ‘Geronimo’ mean?

The term is hard to say.

Some people use the word sky before they do a courageous act like skydiving. America’s airborne troops first began parachuting in the 1940s. They did this at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Doctor Who is a TV show. The eleventh character says the word “Geronimo!”

In the song by Sheppard, Geronimo has a variety of meanings. This is not meant to be negative.

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The ‘Geronimo’ joke annoys TikTok users

Lots of people have talked about the Geronimo TikTok joke on Twitter.

I am amazed every day by people.

A lot of people said that the reference to Geronimo was not good. Tiktok bans words based on what it thinks its owners want to hear. This is mostly good, but sometimes they are wrong and people use bad words.

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