Things The Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Perform Better Than The Manga


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The Jujutsu Emperor manga is one of the newest hits in the Shonen anime realm. The manga is the basis of his anime, and the gorgeous graphics are just one of many reasons the anime should be considered.    

The show has been a massive hit since its release, and each episode of the first season offers a delicious visual treat that viewers will be pleased with. 

A fantastic but straightforward story, brilliant visuals, an energetic soundtrack, and outstanding character moments make for a sublime audiovisual experience that anime fans have missed.  

As with any anime series, there will undoubtedly be many fans who will speak at length about the manga and why it is the best way to enjoy the entire experience. Jujutsu is no exception to this golden rule, and people will inevitably bring it up in conversation.    

It is impossible to talk about the best aspects of jujutsu without mentioning the excellent animation. Gege Akutami is a great manga and merits recognition for his brilliant illustrations. Still, there are several valid points that the definition of anime is the best way to enjoy the overall experience. 

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The Animation Is Bright

MAPPA goes further to ensure that the quality of the manga is comparable. The fights in jujutsu are one of the biggest highlights. Watching powerful jujutsu wizards take on high-level curse threats is a visual extravaganza for eternity. 

What makes the fights in this game even better is that they are lengthy and show MAPPA fantastic animation. The scenes are brimming with an energy that will keep the fans on their toes for quite a while. 

The result is that even the simplest moments end entertaining with colorful animations.    

The Battles Are Longer And More Pleasant

It’s a fantastic decision on the studios and improves the overall viewing experience as much as anything.   

The fights in jujutsu are excellent, but so are the animations. But the animation is not the only reason why the arguments are incredible. The music played during the battles is worthy in itself. 

It blends perfectly into the beautiful chaos of their fight scenes and elevates them. Not only the fight scenes in the anime are remarkable for the anime.    

It is also helpful that the animated medium allows the anime to exaggerate the hilarious movements of its characters. That adds an extra punch to the show’s comedic moments. 

One of the funniest parts of the series is the juju scroll at the end of each episode. In the end, it’s a great way to lighten the mood when jokes are crafted or when certain characters get serious. 

The Comedic Moments Have More Influence

The humor portrayed in the anime is very effective at eliciting laughs from even the most stoic viewers.    

The Juju Scrolls Are A Big Addition

To balance the sketches, Gege Akutami himself drew the storyboards for the Juju Scrolls. The storyboards are a great integration into the anime and captivate.    

MAPPA Has Further Connect Their Personal Touch To The Reference Material

For the most part, MAPPA is very faithful when it comes to adapting the source material. Her adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen shows only minor changes in character designs, with Mahito’s heterochromia, which is a new addition to the series missing from the manga. 

However, this is not the only change they have made to the show. They also made some minor changes in the story’s structure at the start of the show, which is an excellent example of how events can be switched to improve the show’s tempo. 

For long stretches, manga and anime are both excellent and manage to put minor characters in the spotlight occasionally.   

Cast Relationships Are Given More Value In The Anime

The manga doesn’t have much time to flesh out the relationships between the characters. The primary and minor characters get plenty of time to think about the situations that unfold in front of them. 

Only during the big stories do most readers not get to see the thoughts and perspectives of the other characters, and Yuji is the only one who has time to perceive what everyone else thinks. Fortunately, the show doesn’t suffer too much from this theme.   

As a result, the emotional moments in the manga feel forced. The anime suffers not so much from this problem. The characters in the anime interact more with each other, thanks to additional scenes and more screen time for most characters.    

The Death Of Yuji’s Granddad Is More Heartfelt And Impactful

Both the manga and anime depict the death of Yuji’s grandfather, and it triggers a change in Yuji. Manga and anime show Yuji how he deals with death differently. 

Yuji does not react much to his grandfather in the manga but keeps the last words in mind. The anime shows Yuji mourning his grandfather and weeping from his heart. It is a small change that does wonders to humanize Yuji through the eyes of the beholder. 

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