Florida Woman Accused of Sh00ting Neighbor Granted Release on Bond
Florida Woman Accused of Sh00ting Neighbor Granted Release on Bond

Florida Woman Accused of Sh00ting Neighbor Granted Release on Bond!

Bond was given on Friday to a white lady accused of ki!!ing her Black neighbor in Florida after an argument over the victim’s children.

Days after being arrested on charges of manslaughter with a firearm, culpable negligence, violence, and two counts of assault, Susan Louise Lorincz appeared in court.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Lorincz, 58, and Ajike “AJ” Owens had a protracted “neighborhood feud” over Owens’ kids playing in a grassy area near her house.

The conflict allegedly came to a head on June 2 in Ocala when Lorincz shot 35-year-old mother-of-four Owens through a locked door.

The case has received widespread media coverage and sparked debate on issues of racism and Florida’s “stand your ground” self-defense statute.

Judge Robert W. Hodges set Lorincz’s bond at $154,000 at his Friday court appearance — $150,000 for the manslaughter charge and $1,000 for each misdemeanor.

In addition to being told not to speak to Owens’ family or leave the state of Florida, Lorincz was also told to wear an ankle monitor. The judge also prohibited Lorincz from owning firearms and stated that if she makes a bond, she must have company when retrieving her possessions from her home.

Florida Woman Accused of Sh00ting Neighbor Granted Release on Bond

She replied, “Like $1,700,” when asked how much cash she could afford to post bail. She was asked if she knew that her landlord had notified the police he was evicting her by state attorneys. “No, I was not aware,” she retorted.

On Wednesday, a “Notice to Pay Rent or Quit” was posted on Lorincz’s front door. It was dated June 6, identified Lorincz as the renter, requested $750 in rent, and stated that if she paid it by June 13 or earlier, she might have her tenancy reinstated.

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Lorincz informed the court that she owns no property, has a job, or operates a business. The Owens family had requested a powerful bond in the case, the Anthony Thomas, who was speaking on their behalf. It was established at $200,000 at the state’s request.

Contacted Lorincz’s lawyer for comment. Judges determine bail depending on the charges and evidence at hand. When someone intentionally or negligently ki!!s another person, it is manslaughter.

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Manslaughter is a second-degree felony in Florida, and the maximum punishment is 15 years. It carries a lighter penalty than first-degree m*rder, a capital offense in Florida with a possible life term in prison or the deαth fine.

On June 2, the shooting started at about nine o’clock. The sheriff’s office announced Lorincz got upset when she saw Owens’ kids playing in a field close to her house and “engaged in an argument” with them.

The sheriff’s office stated Lorincz threw a skate at Owens’ 10-year-old kid during the dispute and swung an umbrella at him and his sibling. After several knocks on Lorincz’s door by Owens, the sheriff’s office claims that Lorincz fired one shot through the door.

The sheriff’s office, Owens was struck in the upper chest and later pronounced deαd at a hospital. The state’s “stand your ground” law, the shooting wasn’t justifiable, sheriff Billy Woods described it as “simply a killing.”

This week, neighbors told NBC News that Lorincz has a history of intimidating kids in the neighborhood and using racial insults against them.

Document submitted to the court on Thursday, Lorincz also admitted to investigators that she had used the N-word “out of anger” to refer to local kids.

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