80s Singer Tiffany In Scary Nashville Area Car Accident
80s Singer Tiffany In Scary Nashville Area Car Accident

80s Singer Tiffany’s Terrifying Nashville Area Car Acc!dent

Tiffany, a pop icon from the 1980s, is “thanking the angels above” following a hazardous car acc!dent.

“I’m extremely lucky and thankful because a major accident could have happened,” the singer said to Fox News Digital.

Her representative issued a statement that included specifics about the frightful Nashville incident.

“Last week, Tiffany was driving on 65 when a tire from a truck came rolling across the highway, hit her car, and got stuck under the driver’s side. The transmission is torn apart. There is front damage and the side paneling of the car was ripped completely off,” the statement said.

Fox News Digital contacted the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department for comment.

80s Singer Tiffany In Scary Nashville Area Car Accident

Tiffany may have sought medical attention due to the incident, but she hinted on her Instagram page that there were “no complications” with the incident.

“Thanking the angels above… and thank you to all who’ve reached out after my car accident… I’m feeling fine, no complications,” the singer wrote.

“Hoping they can fix my car… be safe out there guys, and thank you again for the concern & love.”


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Tiffany gained notoriety in the 1980s with her debut album, “Tiffany,” which featured the number-one single “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

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She has kept up her musical endeavors, putting out several albums, including the widely praised “The Color of Silence” in 2000.

Tiffany is touring to support her most recent album, “Shadows.”

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