Fans Went Angry When Busan Asks HYBE To Pay For BTS's Free Concert
Fans Went Angry When Busan Asks HYBE To Pay For BTS's Free Concert

Fans Went Angry When Busan Asks HYBE To Pay For BTS’s Free Concert

Busan, South Korea, has angered BTS’s ARMY fanbase by demanding that the group’s record firm, HYBE, foot the bill for a free performance the group was scheduled to perform there.

Busan is preparing to host the World Expo in 2030, and the BTS performance is a part of that preparation. Not entirely a month has passed since the K-pop artists were named ambassadors for Busan’s expo promotion.

Media reports reported on Wednesday that the Busan Metropolitan Government and the Expo committee do not have the money to pay for the concert and have no plans. Instead, they demand BTS’s label HYBE find sponsors to fund the concert’s estimated 7 billion won (about $5.1 million) price tag. HYBE thinks the show will cost more than that, but they’ve agreed to foot the bill for promotion, though they’re hesitant to do so for the whole thing.

There was an immediate backlash from K-pop fans who criticized Busan and the Expo organizers for their demand. You can also read about How Many People Will Attend BTS’s Busan Concert?

Imagine the concert as if you were a newborn. Busan’s baby, the one she begged for. Someone on Twitter complained that although HYBE had been busy baby-proofing the area, Busan hadn’t done much. According to HYBE, the message is, “dang can you pay for something at least? This is your baby, Busan said.

After inviting them to be ambassadors and asking them to perform for free, the Busan government is now demanding that BTS (through HYBE) foot the bill to cover the costs associated with the event. “WTF,” said another person.

“This Busan nonsense is completely insane. Another person commented, “The city says they want the Expo, yet they keep shifting the obligation (and cost) of the concert onto BTS.” Disruptions in the infrastructure, insufficient resources, and excessive pricing. The city keeps giving the impression that it can’t host.

The event’s planning has already been a shambles, and this latest event worsens things. After receiving negative feedback and safety concerns about the original performance venue, an old glass manufacturing site, HYBE announced last week that the concert would be moved to Busan Asiad Main Stadium.

In a related development, Busan’s mayor Park Heong-Joon suggested last month that, in place of mandatory military conscription, BTS become public relations ambassadors for Busan to aid in the city’s Expo bid efforts.

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