Bad Bunny's Alamodome Concert Will Be Seismic For The City
Bad Bunny's Alamodome Concert Will Be Seismic For The City

Bad Bunny’s Alamodome Concert Will Be Seismic For The City

The Alamodome concert by Bad Bunny on Wednesday should be a substantial financial boom for San Antonio. More than 50,000 fans of the international sensation were anticipating seeing her perform. There were a lot of out-of-towners and overseas concertgoers.

The international audience for Bad Bunny makes this show at the Alamodome and in San Antonio unique, according to Richard Oliver, the city’s communications manager for convention and sports facilities.

All these foreign visitors aren’t just stopping by for the night before heading home. Oliver predicted that the couple would spend two or three days in San Antonio. If Bad Bunny were to show there with his 54,000 to 60,000 admirers, it would cause a tremor. Everyone is buying stuff, eating out, and staying at motels. Do you also want to know What Time Does Bad Bunny Concert Starts?

With this booking, the Alamodome has continued its recent success in securing major events and concerts. The Valero Alamo Bowl in December 2017 had a $45.4 million economic impact.

The average concertgoer dropped $52 on food and merchandise at the recent Motley Crue and Def Leopard show, and it doesn’t account for money spent at hotels, restaurants, or anywhere else in town. This seems to be a part of the revitalization of the Alamodome.

We’re expecting 60,000 people for the WWE Royal Rumble that was recently revealed. We’ve seen everything from Elton John and Rammstein to the XFL to the University of Texas at San Antonio’s football team. We’re going to have the Spurs aim to break the NBA attendance record next season,” Oliver stated. It’s almost like we remembered that our fantastic arena, which can accommodate 72,000 people, is home to various events.

The city has spent millions of dollars maintaining the Alamodome to host major events like concerts and sporting competitions. Oliver thinks that’s why the venue can attract big-name performers like Bad Bunny.

In 2025, we’ll be hosting a Final Four. “We’re investing more in the club level and adding suites to make it even more desirable and accommodating to handle this kind of show,” explained Oliver. Put simply, “Those investments, when you put tens of millions of dollars into this facility, it benefits.” Do you want to know Where To Buy Bad Bunny Concert Tickets?

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