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Why Millions of People Will Stop Receiving Extra Unemployment Benefits? Read Full News

A few weeks ago, President Biden’s administration announced that it would end additional programs to help the unemployed in the United States. As agreed, this subsidy is part of the different aid programs adopted due to the pandemic and will be granted until September.

The reactions have not been long in coming, and the millions of unemployed and beneficiaries have decided to file a lawsuit against the state. President Biden has written a letter urging some states to expand the fringe benefits before the deadline expires.

In just weeks, millions of Americans have been left without the benefits of the three programs implemented as part of the 2020 economic and social contingency.

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So far, 23 states have ended the benefits of the programs.

These programs are to help workers with an extra $ 300 a week, in addition to conventional state benefits. The measure occurs while the economy is reactivated. Many companies are restarting their production processes and require available workers.

An estimated 9.2 million jobs are available, while there are about 5.5 million unemployed who receive benefits. These are the millions of Americans who are about to lose their unemployment benefits. In less than a week, one of the programs that helped unemployed people since the pandemic’s beginning comes to an end.

The measure also aims to help many companies that are looking for workers to continue their productive activities. So far, 23 states have eliminated unemployment programs, while others have had to face lawsuits and state legal orders to reinstate them, such as Indiana, Arkansas, and Maryland.

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Some House and Senate representatives have expressed concern about states where unemployment rates are the highest. They want to consider continuing the programs despite Biden’s decision to end the aid programs in September as stipulated since they were implemented.

What has been known until now as the American Rescue Plan contemplates $ 330 per week and a federal supplement. With this program, unemployed Americans receive a figure close to $630 in weekly benefits, which represents twice the minimum wage in the country per year.

Meanwhile, the economy continues in ongoing recovery and stable growth, despite the unemployment figures. This makes it possible to reduce significantly additional assistance plans for the unemployed in many states.



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