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A war hero in heaven, a well-deserved tribute to a Marine killed after an explosion in Afghanistan

Hundreds of people joined a walk to pay tribute to one of the thirteen US soldiers who died after a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan.

Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui returned to the Hamid Karzai international airport in Kabul to rescue children. He stood out for his work with the refugees who were being evacuated.

‘Fund the First,’ in addition to commemorating the performance of these heroes, also promotes a campaign to raise funds to provide support to families who have lost these service members in the Middle East.

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The August 26 attack kills Nikoui, a US Marine, who had plans to reunite with his friends once he returned from abroad. The photos of him with an Afghan boy on social media are the last memory Ashley López, his exercise instructor in high school, received.

She helped organize the commemoration walk and remembered the last time she saw Nikoui alive.

Norco Mayor Kevin Bash is not waiting to describe how Nikoui rushed back to the Kabul airport. He was only focused on getting more children to safety just when the bomb went off, and he was another victim of the attack.

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Sergeant David Spratley, who was Nikoui’s mentor, was also present at the walk. He affirmed how much Nikoui loved saving other people. He only returned to rescue more when a bomb blast killed him.

Hundreds of people waved American flags at Pumpkin Rock to honor Nikoui and twelve other soldiers. The crowd joined in unison and heard a performance of “Taps” as they reached the top on foot, on bikes, in cars, and some on horseback.

Corona Norco Unified School District and the City of Norco planned to honor a Norco hero, Kareem Nikoui, with a memorial walk this Sunday.

An image with his stepsisters Karena and Ashley Sylvester shows how they both hold a banner with a photo of the soldier with a touching message, travel the media and social networks.

The city of Norco walked to show their love and admiration for the work of the fallen soldier Kareem Nikoui. The traffic was unusual but for the best purpose of honoring their hero, plus it was a great event that followed a $ 5 pancake breakfast at America Legion to raise money for the families of the fallen. Meanwhile, on one side of the room, a table was arranged with 13 empty chairs and 13 glasses of beer.

Many of those present, who knew Kareem Nikoui, expressed their pain and remembered him as a human being with a joyful spirit, always involved in something with the purpose of helping people.

Even those who knew him in his school days shared significant memories with the media. Currently, the Gold Star Families Memorial is being built, where Nikoui’s name will also be enshrined, in honor of a fallen war hero making a maximum sacrifice.

Final Words:

I hope this news gives you a proper insight related to the Kareem Nikoui incident in Afghanistan where he was killed in suicide bombing.



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