Everything Suck Season 2

Everything Sucks Season 2: Is Coming Or Not? All Updates

Everything Sucks Season 2 is a Comedy-drama series starring Sydney Sweeney and Peyton Kennedy released its first season in February 2018, and even after four years fans are waiting for Every Thing Sucks Season 2 and still, they have nothing to look forward to.

Fans are curious as will there be a second season of the drama series, and if you are one of those fans sit tight as we have brought all the content about a potential second season, will there be Everything Sucks Season 2?

Everything Sucks Season 2 Release Date

The first season of everything sucks was released on Netflix on February 16, 2018, and even though the first season of the series garnered decent reviews,  the streaming giant went on canceling the series ahead of Everything Sucks Season 2 on April 6, 2018.

The move was surprising as Netflix is generally more patient with the first season of any series and everything suck receives a fair amount of viewership however the show has been officially canceled by the platform.

Netflix‘s vice president also commented regarding the news he stated  “I am really passionate about the show myself we take the cancellation decision personally as anybody because we were seeing a much lower completion rate of the whole season we release it is very unlikely that we would be able able to grow the audience”,  although there is still a ray of hope for the fans of everything sucks. 

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Everything Sucks Season 2 What happens till now

Towards the end of the first season of Everything Sucks AV club and DRAMA club joints project drama eventually premiered the awful yet funny movie intergalactic lust, luke made changes in the film while re-editing it so that the ending of the film may serve as his apology to kate he has toiled to negotiate how he feels about her after finding out that kate.

However he was finally able to accept the truth and be friends with her, meanwhile, Amine and Kate share a kiss with each other and she admitted that she’s been holding secret feelings for the principal’s daughter also Cherie and Ken solved their differences and accepted their romance in public.

On the other hand, luke understood the situation and made peace with the idea of his mother and the principal dating, however, it was not a happy ending for everyone McQuaid who has developed feelings for a Malign was left heartbroken when he sees Maline kissing 

Meanwhile, Tyler put out by Mcquaid got all the love for his excellent performance in intergalactic Lust,  however, he left the after-party without saying anything to anyone, Leslie who has been having secret feelings was disappointed by this.

Everything Sucks Season 2 Plot

So if the series returns for Everything Sucks Season 2 it has a lot of storylines to explore,

The next season might focus on whether kate and Amaline will accept their secret romance in public however this would not be easy as kate has not yet excepted her sexuality to her father. 

We might also see how McQuaid will try to get over a Maline it will also reveal Tylers’ character is headed in the season after the ending of the first season while Leslie ever confesses her feelings to Tyler of course there s the return of Leroy and how having his father around in his life would impact luke as well as Shari’s novice relationship with ken.

Everything Suck Season 2 Cast

Everything Sucks Season 2 Expected Cast

Everything Sucks cast, the main cast of everything sucks cast includes Jahi Diallo Winston as Luke O’neal and V-club freshman who has a crush on Kate Messner, Payton Kennedy plays Kate Messner the principal’s daughter who is gay and has not come out yet,  Kates dad Ken Messny is played by Patch Derek, Lukes mother Sherry is portrayed by Claudine M naco, in addition, Sydney Sweeney plays a Malign in the series while Quentin Liebing appears as Tyler Bowen, Lukes best friend Elijah Stevenson plays Oliver Schermerhorn and Maline’s boyfriend.

Rio Mangini has played McQuade in the series apart from the primary cast members there are also a bunch of recurring characters 

And if the series returns for Everything Sucks 2 viewers can expect most of the main cast members to return in their roles on the other hand the season might bring some fresh faces to the screen.

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Everything Sucks Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the Everything Sucks Season 2 Trailer has not yet been published. Meanwhile, you may take pleasure in the season 1 Trailer while we wait for the second season trailer to arrive.


I can’t be held responsible…I won’t be held responsible pic.twitter.com/vs2aEpFmQZ

— Everything Sucks (@EverythingSuxTV) April 5, 2018

Final Words

Everything Sucks Season 2 is a Comedy-drama series starring Sydney Sweeney and Peyton Kennedy released its first season in February 2018, the second season of Everything Sucks looks unlikely to happen, although there is still a ray of hope for the fans of Everything Sucks. 

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