Beecham House Season 2
Beecham house season 2

Beecham house season 2: Release Date Status, Storyline, Cast, Trailer and Review

Hello everyone welcome, if you want to know about the story which is set before the British rule then this web series is a must-watch for you, so without talking more let’s dive into the post.

Beecham House is written by the director of the Bend, Beckham bride & prejudice Gurinder Chadha the series is set in Delhi before British rule and depicts the lives of the Peacham family in their newly bought house the family is headed by John Meacham a former soldier with the East India Company who is determined to make his safe heaven,

With an IMDb rating of 6.7, the series is a must-watch on Netflix if you are a period drama lover and want to entertain yourself with a lightweight drama like what do you watch in Bollywood films, USP of this web series TV is presented on a stream and of course, the performances since it has been released in only English language which I personally feel that Hindi would be wondering on scripts like this but that is totally my point of view this series was the first released on ITV and then on Netflix and instantly made a buzz upon release.

After watching this web series you will get to know that every Britisher is not the same and all romantic stories don’t have a happy ending, perfect one-liner for this web series would be a loyal British father of a small kid who is trying to get the trade license from an Indian emperor and willing to do every possible thing to prove himself that he’s a good wisher and want to earn profit for India through trade

Every character in the web series has been nicely presented to catch the global audience Some famous Indian actors like Lara Dutta, Tisca Chopra, Shriya Pilgaonkar, and Arunoday Singh have been featured in this web series

Beecham House Cast

Every character in the web series no wonder worked very hard and did a great job. the members of the Beecham House include Lara Dutta as Begum Samru, Leo Suter as Daniel Beecham, and Dakota Blue Richards as Margaret Osborne.

Grégory Fitoussi as Benoît Castillon, Pallavi Sharda as Chandrika, Bessie Carter as Violet Woodhouse, Adil Ray as Murad Beg, Viveik Kalra as Baadal, Kulvinder Ghir as Mool Chand, Goldy Notay as Bindu, Shriya Pilgaonkar as Chanchal, Amer Chadha-Patel as Ram Lal, Trupti Khamkar as Maya, Roshan Seth as Shah Alam II, Marc Warren as Samuel Parker.

Beecham House Storyline

Beecham House is set within the nineteenth century and spins around the existence of John Beecham. He possesses a royalty which he has bought on account of his family and therefore the beginning of his latest business as a merchant. Although he has another home where his relatives and relations live yet there are tons of evil powers getting to cut them down.

John is undoubtedly an honest man who deals to form a living however people consistently see him with doubt. The chronicled and historical drama works alright to boost a thought where it shows that at whatever point two unique societies crash into one other it brings about misconception and doubt. It also features love, emotion, and danger in a very interesting and unique way.

Beecham House 2 Release Date

The Periodic-drama series Beecham House had a dramatic and pretty violent cliff-hanger ending in its first season which made the fans got pumped up for the second season. Unfortunately, we aren’t holding that much great news for the fans.

Beecham House has six episodes circulated within the U.K in 2019. Further in march 2020 came to America as a PBS Passport elite, before broadcasting broadly on Masterpiece. Unfortunately, in mediating a really while between its U.K. also, U.S. broadcasts, British network ITV chose to cancel the show.

They officially confirmed that they need no plans to renew the drama for the second season. This breaks down all the hopes and expectations fans were having with regard to the show returning.

Beecham House 2 Trailer and Review

Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation about the Beecham house in the second season, and there is also no trailer released yet. you can watch the trailer of Becham house.

let’s check what the public had to say about it on Twitter

I LOVED Chanchal. She was amazing. She was so fearless. Even when things didn’t turn out the way she wanted, she still insisted that she was going to do things on her terms no matter what anyone thought. Such a badass. I adore her.


Final words

This series is written by the director Gurinder Chadha ,We hope that the Beecham House drama series will make its renewal for season 2 at the earliest and as soon as possible but this may only happen when it gets platform support. Till then, we will appreciate the first season of the series.

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