Eric Mays Age

Eric Mays Age: A Controversial Figure On The Flint City Council!

Eric Mays was on the Flint City Council in the past. Even though he seemed confident as a council member, the judges found him guilty of acting in an unruly way.

Eric’s case got a lot of attention when it was heard in the 67th District Court. After hearing the man’s case for two days, Judge Vikki Bayeh-Haley found him guilty of major charges.

The dramatic and crazy things the Flint City Councilor did were caught on video, and the video quickly went viral on the internet. More and more people seem to want to know how old is Eric Mays and who Eric Mays’s wife is, so keep reading to find out.

Eric Mays Age: How Old Is He?

Eric Mays was born in Flint, which is in the U.S. state of Michigan, on September 16, 1958. So as of now, he is 64 years old, and soon going to be 65 years of age. He was raised in a Christian home in the middle class. He grew up in the U.S. in the 1960s, which were important years for him. He went to the University of Michigan to get a college degree.

Eric Mays Age

Some Recent News About Eric Mays

He has been on the Flint City Council for ten years. He was the head of the Finance Committee and the Vice President of the Flint City Council. At work, he could have sometimes been more careful.

He recently gave the head of the council the Nazi salute in front of everyone and said that he was like Adolf Hitler. So, the Flint City Council decided to remove him as vice president and head of the budget committee.

He is said to have fought with Mayor Sheldon Neeley’s Deputy Chief of Staff in a bar in Flint. He said the deputy chief yelled at him and threw him down. What happened was also looked into by the Michigan State Police.

He was found guilty of causing trouble, so he will have to go to jail and pay fines. He is innocent, but he doesn’t have enough proof to prove it in court. Through the website GoFundMe, people from all over the United States have given him about $13,000.

After he lost his federal case against Mayor Sheldon Neeley and other City Hall officials in 2021, the city told him to pay $35,000 for his legal bills.

He was found guilty of being a bad person on March 10, 2023. Judge Vikki Bayeh-Haley of the District Court for the City of Flint made the decision in this case.

He could go to jail for up to 90 days and be fined up to $500. After the decision was given, he said, “The new date for the verdict is April 25, 2023.” Dave Bondy tweeted that Eric is no longer a member of the Flint City Council.

You can check out his Tweet below:

Eric Mays Early Life And Education

Eric Mays was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, the biggest city in Genesee County and the county seat. His parents were born in the US. Flint, Michigan is a big city in the Mid-Michigan area. The Flint River runs through it.

It is a very important place in that area. Eric comes from a middle-class Christian family. His parents are determined to give him the best chances they can. He still lives in Flint City, where he went to school and graduated. He is, among other things, a member of the Flint City Council.

Eric Mays has a good education. He went to some of the best elementary and high schools in Michigan and did well at Michigan University.

Career Of Eric Mays

He came into the world on September 16, 1958, in Flint, Michigan. He was born to Christian parents from the middle class. Eric Mays’s parents would do almost anything for him. He was born in the 1960s. He went to Michigan University and got his master’s degree there.

He worked in Flint City politics for a long time. In 2013, he was chosen to be a member of the City Council. There were only eight votes between the winner and Anita Brown’s campaign. He quit his job after working there for four years. In 2015, he won the race by 500 votes over Anita Brown.

Eric Mays was also the mayor of Flint, Michigan, in the year 2015. He did not win the race, though. In 2021, he was chosen to be on the council of his town. After fighting with the other council members and Mayor Sheldon Neeley for a month, he was kicked off the council. He is on trial right now and must show that he is innocent.

Eric Mays Age

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How Much Money Does Eric Mays Have?

Eric Mays is not wealthy in any way. He has a lot of debt because of the money he spent on lawyers. Donations have given him more than $13,000.The reason the video did well on TikTok and YouTube is that Mays is known as a fight Flint politician who has fought with other city council members.

Even though he was found guilty of bad behavior, he is trying to change the decision. Mays wants to hire a lawyer with the money she raises through GoFundMe.

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