Eric Andre Weight Loss
Eric Andre Weight Loss

Why Eric Andre 40-Pound Weight Loss Left Him Dissatisfied?

Men’s Health, comedian Eric André talked openly about his recent weight reduction and freshly shredded figure. He has “disguised” himself previously for “The Eric André Show.” However, this shift seemed to be one of the most difficult.

“It took me six months. It’s a full-time job,” He admitted to Men’s Health. “If you see any middle aged person with abs, know that they’re either psychotic or unemployed because it’s a full-time job.”

In Season Four of the show with the same name, which aired in 2016, André said he tried to get “as skinny as possible,” but he failed. Over the course of the following season, he put on weight while “eating pizza and peanut butter sandwiches and pina coladas.”

After Season Five, he reached his maximum weight of 218 pounds, and in Season Six, which debuted this month, he called his lowest weight 173. He worked out every morning for 90 minutes with three personal trainers to lose weight, except Sunday, his rest day.

“It was a little bit of everything. It was strength training and HIIT,”  he claimed. “Chest and triceps on Monday, Barry’s Bootcamp on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, Barry’s Bootcamp on Thursday, back biceps and shoulders on Friday. I would do abs for 10 to 15 minutes and walk for low intensity at night.”

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Additionally, he worked with a nutritionist who encouraged him to consume 1,800 to 2,000 calories daily, which he recorded using a calorie-tracking app.

He claimed, “I was eating nothing but fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables.” At some point, the diet became taxing.

“If your only carbs are Japanese sweet potato and sourdough bread and you can’t eat after 6 o’clock in the evening, and you’re drinking a gallon of water, and you can’t drink any alcohol and you can’t have hot Cheetos — you start losing your mind,” he remarked.

There were times when André cheated, but he made sure to “check in with my trainer and log my cheats.” He said “Logging my cheats would actually make me feel better about them.”  “If I knew exactly how much I cheated, then I would know how much my weight was going to go up.”

Eric Andre Weight Loss

He first stated that 184 pounds was his target weight, but he changed his mind after seeing himself on television.

“I looked at myself in some camera tests, and the abs weren’t popping. The camera adds 10 pounds. It’s totally true,” he declared. “I remember my heart sinking. I haven’t weighed 173 pounds since high school.”

André said goodbye to his stringent diet and fitness routines once the season ended. He started out by overeating.

“I ate a whole pizza. The day I wrapped, I woke up. I went to Russ and Daughters and ate a bagel,” he claimed.” Then, I went back to sleep.”

He claimed that after going on a “drinking binge,” he realized he needed to “behave” and stopped drinking for over two months, skipping even coffee. However, a trip to Portugal put an end to his dry period.

“I drank my weight in wine,” he admits. “When I got back, I stepped on the scale, and I undid all six months of work.”

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He now carries 190 to 195 pounds. André is done with recent experiences with attempts at weight loss, weight growth, and ripped abs.

“I will never do a body modification again. Starving myself Season Four ended in failure because I was so exhausted that I couldn’t write,” he recounted.

“Getting fat was the most fun — it’s great at first, but then you’re miserable. … Then in Season Six, I got in shape. But getting into shape after the age of 21 is so much work that I snapped at the end.” The “The Eric Andre Show” airs brand-new episodes every Sunday at midnight on Adult Swim.

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