Chris Evans Engaged
Chris Evans Engaged

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista Take Their Relationship to the Next Level with a Wedding Announcement!

The couple reportedly plans to get married sometime in the fall of 2023 and claims that the wedding planner who followed the Portuguese actress on Instagram started the engagement rumor.

Chris Evans will most likely get married before the year is through. The 41-year-old hottie allegedly engaged his girlfriend Alba Baptista only a few months after declaring their relationship.

The actress’s Instagram account was followed by a wedding planner, fuelling the engagement rumor. Because of this, a curious fan inquired about Chris and Alba’s engagement to Deuxmoi in the Q&A section.

Someone commented that the couple is engaged and getting married after Deuxmoi posted the fan’s query on its Instagram Story. The “in the house they are buiding together,” is where they purportedly got engaged. The couple apparently intends to get married this fall in Boston.


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The first reports of Chris and Alba dαting surfaced in November 2022. The two have been secretly dαting for more than a year, according to a story from PEOPLE at the time, and their relationship is “serious.”

A source who spoke to the media said, “They are in love and Chris has never been happier,” adding, “His family and friends all adore her.”

The couple was discovered on a dαte in New York City shortly after their relationship became public knowledge. They were seen strolling around Central Park while holding hands.

Chris Evans Engaged

The villain from “The Gray Man” ultimately granted the Portuguese actress his zany romance in January. He posted a “look back” video on Instagram Story that included clips from various occasions over the past year in which he and the “Warrior Nun” star scared each other.

On Valentine’s Day, the “Avengers: Endgame” star, who has largely kept his personal life private, also unveiled a tender homage to his partner. He shared unusually intimate photos of the couple kissing, hiking, and enjoying more low-key activities like pumpkin carving and apple picking.

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Chris also shared a video of Alba enjoying the video game with enthusiasm. He captioned the video, “I introduced her to Mario Bros 3,” “(She hates this video but I LOVE it).”

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