Died Suddenly Documentary Wiki
Died Suddenly Documentary Wiki

Died Suddenly Documentary Wiki: Who as Frank Tartaglia?

Died Suddenly Documentary Wiki: A new movie called Died Suddenly, which purports to disclose the truth about vaccines, is being promoted by anti-vaccine activists. They are requesting more accounts that support the alleged risk of vaccines on the same website where they are promoting the movie.

Although the movie has intermittently been trending on Twitter around the world this week, medical professionals have been quick to denounce the “documentary” as being far from a genuine depiction, including virologist Dr. Angela Rasmussen. Here’s a look at Died Suddenly to see what it is and why so many people are interested in it.

Died Suddenly Documentary Wiki

The teaser, which made its official debut on Twitter on November 21st, promises to “tell the truth about the greatest continuing mass atrocity in human history.” However, what it essentially consists of is a number of unsubstantiated anecdotes about how the Covid-19 vaccines were really a plot by the ruling class to exterminate vast segments of the populace.

As Dr. Rasmussen noted above, it becomes quite evident that this is anti-vax propaganda very soon. Died for more than an hour. Without being able to provide any medical evidence or concrete examples of cases where this has been confirmed to be true, suddenly makes baseless allegations that people have died shortly after receiving the vaccine. It is difficult to verify any of the ludicrous claims because no “expert” is identified by name in the movie.

Died Suddenly Documentary Wiki
Died Suddenly Documentary Wiki

We could continue exploring Died Suddenly’s numerous documentary-making problems, but you get the idea. Forbes also notes that much of the “buzz” surrounding Died Suddenly originates from anonymous and unverified Twitter accounts, possibly relying on the platform’s current slow demise to disseminate the false information. However, Twitter has never been particularly effective at halting the spread of these messages in the first place.

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Why isn’t Died Suddenly on Netflix?

It’s hardly a good sign when a movie is only available on Twitter. Although it was mentioned above that Died Suddenly debuted, it actually became streamable via Twitter. The least reliable entertainment hosting service. It’s likely that the film’s authors lacked the funding or support necessary to successfully upload their groundbreaking exposé to Netflix or any other common platforms.

Covid-19 inventor Stew Peters has a history of making unsubstantiated conspiracy theory claims, like when Spotify pulled his show from its platform after he referred to vaccines as “military bio-weapons.” There is no proof to support Peters’ assertions, and as a result, there is no justification for anyone to watch Died Suddenly or give it any more publicity than it has already managed to garner.

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