Dear White People: What Is Vamping? Meaning Behind New Netflix Slang!


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Dear White People on Netflix is a film about racial relations at an Ivy League institution that isn’t hesitant to educate its audience on new lingo.

On August 2nd, Netflix released Dear White People for a third season, and viewers were greeted with a totally different program for season three, which has pushed the university-based series in a fresh and distinct path.

The roster of characters stays essentially the same, save for a few new additions here and there, despite the new direction, which has been constantly pushed in the new season’s promos, but it is one piece of speech from Sam, the show’s star, that has had people talking.

The term in question is “vamping,” which has raised a lot of eyebrows.

But, in the context of the show and beyond, what does it mean?

What’re Dear White People About?

Dear White People is a Netflix original film that follows a group of college students at Winchester University, a prominent Ivy League university, and focuses on current racial relations in America, as the title indicates.

Samantha ‘Sam’ White navigates college life and the delicate line between the school’s black and white populations in this series based on the 2014 film of the same name.

The surreal comedy-filled series has garnered praise for its daring narrative and forensic look at the connections between individuals of different races living and working together in the micro-society of a university campus narrated excellently by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito.

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Dear White People: What Is Vamping?

During Season 3, the show’s main character, Sam, is accused of “vamping” while working on an assignment, but what does it mean?

Vamping has a variety of definitions, most of which we’ll go through shortly, but in the context of the show, it’s a synonym for procrastinating.

Any university or college student will be well acquainted with vamping, which is defined by Urban Dictionary as “creatively stalling for time.” It is, however, far from the only application of the term.

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Other Definitions Of Vamping

It’s not uncommon for Urban Dictionary to provide some surprising results, and vamping is no exception. Aside from its use as a synonym for procrastination, vamping has a wide range of applications.

The #1 meaning on Urban Dictionary refers to music and how, in today’s business, many songs contain loops of the same piece of music; the technique of looping parts of the music in songs is known as vamping. Another meaning is that vamping refers to those who, like a vampire, remain awake all night and sleep throughout the day, something that university and college students are all too acquainted with.

Other definitions of the term exist, but we’ll let you find them for yourself because they’re not the most pleasant.


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