Dani Cimorelli and Emmyn Calleiro Divorce
Dani Cimorelli and Emmyn Calleiro Divorce

Dani Cimorelli and Emmyn Calleiro Divorce: The Untold Story of Their Separation

Dani Cimorelli and Emmyn Calleiro’s love on TikTok has become an internet sensation. The pair both play music, produce material and are generally adored by their hordes of social media fans.

However, the most current information about the viral duo isn’t entirely approved. It appears that Emmyn and Dani are divorcing one another. What is happening, then? Let’s examine what is known.

The Story Of Dani Cimorelli and Emmyn Calleiro Divorce

Dani disclosed in a TikTok video that her relationship with Emmyn had terminated on April 11, 2023. “Emmyn and I did break up, and I don’t want to talk about it,” she said in the video. She then restated her unwillingness to talk about it and said she’d rather talk about her house, friends, and her

“life moving forward” because, as she said, “I’m a person outside of that. I have a life outside of that and I always have … We love each other, we’re going to support each other, and that’s it.”

Dani Cimorelli and Emmyn Calleiro Divorce

Dani’s choice not to use the word “divorce” has caused many fans to wonder whether the couple is simply taking a break from their romance or genuinely pursuing a divorce through the courts.

Additionally, as of the time of writing, none of their joint social media posts, including their Instagram wedding photo, had been archived.

The following report is similar to the one just presented:

On his TikTok page or any other social media platform, for that matter, Emmyn has not disclosed anything regarding the divorce. In fact, since rumors of his and Dani’s breakup spread, Emmyn hasn’t published any new TikTok content at all.

The pair posted a video in 2020 announcing their home purchase in Nashville, Tennessee, however, it now seems that Dani has moved to Los Angeles after the breakup.

Even though Dani didn’t use the word “divorce” while discussing the end of her relationship with Emmyn, it’s very clear that they are no longer together. Dani has since relocated across the nation and has resumed recording videos of her enjoying life to the fullest while out on her own for solo Starbucks runs.

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