Carol Burnett Married
Carol Burnett Married

Carol Burnett Married: Who Is Her Husband And Do They Have Any Child?

Since the 1990s, Carol Burnett and Brian Miller have been acquainted. The comedian performed in Long Beach, California when the couple first met. The couple wed in November 2001 after a number of years of d@ting.

During her 2007 appearance on PBS’ American Masters, the actress told her husband, “We have a terrific relationship.” “And being with him now makes me feel so blessed. And he’s been embraced wholeheartedly by all of my pals. He adores all of my friends, so it works out well.

Prior to her relationship with Miller, Burnett was married twice, first to television producer Joe Hamilton from 1963 to 1984 and then to actor Don Saroyan from 1955 to 1962.

Carrie, Jody, and Erin were the three daughters that Burnett and Hamilton shared. So who is Carol Burnett’s long-term partner? Brian Miller is covered in the information below.

Carol Burnett Marriage

Miller is a musician and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra’s primary drummer. According to the orchestra’s website, it is “comprised of approximately 80 players, an international mix of classically trained musicians who are among the best studio musicians in Los Angeles.”

Carol Burnett Married

Many people spend their days on the scoring stages in Hollywood, and it continues. The Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra do not share any players, which may surprise some. This is yet another sign of how rich the musical talent in Los Angeles is.

When Did Carol Burnett and Brian Miller Get Married?

In November 2001, Miller and Burnett tied the knot after a few years of d@ting. The couple allegedly met in Long Beach, California, according to People. The comedian had a show nearby, so he was there.

The actress said of her husband, who is over 20 years younger than her, to People: “He’s humorous and doesn’t get intimidated easily.

These are some posts that are similar to this one:

The age difference between us gets smaller as we get older. I doubt you could converse as well as [we do] if you were 40 and married a 20-year-old.

The wedding occurred two months after Carrie Hamilton, Burnett’s daughter, tragically passed suddenly at 38, as People also noted.

Carol Burnett and Brian Miller Have Kids Together

Miller and Burnett are not parents of their own children. Carrie, Erin, and Jody Hamilton were among the three daughters Burnett shared with her late ex-husband, television producer Joe Hamilton.

Carrie was born on December 5, 1963, and died of pneumonia, a lung cancer side effect, on January 20, 2002. Jody, then 56, was welcomed by Burnett. Erin, now 54, was born in 1968. She has two grandchildren as well. Dylan Joseph Hamilton West and Zachary Carlson are Erin’s sons.

According to PEOPLE, while Erin was suffering substance addiction issues, Miller and Burnett were given temporary guardianship of Dylan in January 2020.

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