Salma Hayek Husband
Salma Hayek Husband

Salma Hayek Husband: A Closer Look at Her Loving Husband

Salma Hayek, an actress, faced backlash over her marriage to François-Henri Pinault, a multibillionaire businessman, earlier this year. She was accused of getting married for financial gain, but the Like A Boss singer dispelled the unkind remarks about her and her husband.

“You know the thing is that in pictures you cannot begin to guess the magic in him,” she told host Dax Shepard on his podcast, Armchair Expert. “He’s made me become a much better person, and grow in such a good, healthy way.”

The power couple married in 2009, and 15 years later, Hayek says they are still “strong in love.” So who is Salma Hayek’s husband? For starters, he’s a major figure in the fashion world and represents a few brands you’ve definitely heard of. Read on for nine things you need to know about François-Henri Pinault.

His Family Owns a Luxury Fashion Empire

When Pinault was a little child, his father, François, established a company called Pinault that sold building supplies and lumber. The business acquired a 42 percent share in the Gucci Group in 1999.

The company eventually changed its name to luxury goods conglomerate Kering, which today owns well-known premium labels like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and Alexander McQueen.

He Went to School for Business Management

After earning a degree in business administration from HEC, Pinault joined the Pinault Group in 1987. He held “high positions in several of the Group’s operating divisions,” according to Kering, and in 2003 he even rose to the position of Chairman of Artemis, Kering’s controlling shareholder.
Salma Hayek Husband

Hayek Had Three Wedding Receptions

On Valentine’s Day in 2009, Pinault and Hayek got married in Paris. Nonetheless, the actress said that her relatives had to “haul” her to the courthouse.

“I didn’t even know I was getting married that day,” Hayek said in an interview with Glamour. “It was like an intervention. I don’t think I ever told this story. No, they just took me to the court. My parents, my brother, they were all ganging up on me. I had a phobia of the marriage thing.”

Here are some further updates that are similar to this one:

The Frida star relaxed quickly after the wedding and leaned into the joy of her new husband. Two months later, the couple organized a second, more elaborate wedding party in Venice.

“My wedding party was at the oldest opera house in Europe, La Fenice,” Hayek revealed on Instagram in 2017.

A third ceremony took place in 2018 as a surprise for Hayek, this time to reaffirm their vows on the idyllic island of Bora Bora.

He Became Friends With Hayek’s Magic Mike’s Last Dance Costars

In an interview published on February 8, 2023, Hayek confessed to PEOPLE that she and Pinault became friends with her Magic Mike cast mates.

The actress explained that when her husband visited the film’s set, he would talk to her costars. “There was especially one who would come and ask him advice for business,” Hayek recalled. “He spoke French and he knew everything about François.

He says, ‘I’m a big fan.’ He reacted more to François than to me!” “By the end of the movie they all came to the house,” she continued. “They were all hanging out with me. Then François was saying, ‘You’re right, they’re adorable, they’re lovely.’ ”

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