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California Governor Requests $ 16.7 Million to Help Afghan Citizens

The different legislatures of California, including the governor, requested a figure of 16.7 million dollars from state funds last Friday to help locate and settle Afghans arriving in the state.

With this request to use state money to help refugees fleeing the Taliban takeover, Governor Gavin Newsom said in a statement: “California stands ready to help those in need. As the most diverse state in the nation, we don’t just tolerate diversity. We celebrate it. “

Governor Newsom’s funding request is expected to be considered next week and supported by Senate President Pro Tempore (Toni Atkins) and Assembly Speaker (Anthony Rendon).

The request is unlikely to face a serious stand in front of the Democratic-controlled state Legislature, especially if it has the backing of chamber leaders.

Newsom stated that: “The money would provide cash assistance and other aid for refugees who do not qualify for certain federal refugee benefits and public assistance programs because they do not have special visas but are being admitted to the United States on humanitarian grounds.”

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Refugees arriving in the country are divided into groups according to their eligibility for the various aid programs provided by the state. Some are eligible for Medi-Cal and state-funded aid, but only parents with minor children are eligible for CalWORKS, a fully state-funded public assistance program.California Governor Requests $ 16.7 Million to Help Afghan Citizens

Likewise, Governor Newsom proposes the temporary expansion of the Victims of Trafficking and Crime Assistance system to cover the help needed by refugees from Afghanistan.

Democratic leader Toni Atkins stated: “These refugees helped our service members in Afghanistan, and it stands to reason that we will give them hope when they come to California. When I was little, the golden rule was that no matter how little you had, you help those in need. We are blessed to be in a position in California where we have sufficient funds to help ease the transition of these refugees into our society.”

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Final words

It must be remembered that the government of the United States of America was never at war against the people of Afghanistan, but rather against the government of Taliban terrorists, who, with their anti-humanistic criminal acts, but the security of the countries of the United States at risk. World. Likewise, throughout history, the leaders of the Taliban government had been in charge of trafficking arms and delivering them to the favorite enemies of the government of the United States of America, putting national security at serious risk.

Much of the American population has been pleased to help incoming Afghans, who have been victims of the war that has raged in their country for so long.



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