Boat Story Release Date

Boat Story Release Date: What Are People Saying About It?

Boat Story Release Date: One of the year’s most significant terrestrial TV moments was undoubtedly Jamie Dornan’s high-tension drama The Tourist on BBC One. And, happily, it appears that there will be another in the near future.

If you were sucked into the show from beginning to end, you’d be happy to know that its creators, Harry and Jack Williams, have started creating a stellar ensemble for a new BBC thriller. What you need to know about Boat Story is provided below.

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Boat Story Release Date

Although a release date has not yet been announced, it is most probable that we will have to wait until 2023 to see this thriller. However, we know that Boat Story will air on BBC One and be accessible through BBC iPlayer in the UK. At the same time, it will be accessible through Freevee on Amazon Prime Video elsewhere whenever available.

What is the Plot of the Boat Story?

They can’t believe their good fortune when two homeless strangers named Janet and Samuel find a cargo of cocaine on a stranded yacht. Instead of turning it into the police, the two decide to work together to sell the drugs, split the proceeds, and become highly wealthy before splitting up again.

Boat Story Release Date
Boat Story Release Date

But obviously, it’s not quite that simple. Because masked hitmen target Janet and Samuel and get them mixed up with the police… and a thug in a sharp suit known as “The Tailor.” Will they live long enough to go to the bank with their money? Time will only tell.

Who Stars in Boat Story?

The lead characters in Boat Story are Janet and Samuel, played by Daisy Haggard from Back to Life and Paterson Joseph from Vigil, respectively. Meanwhile, Baptiste star Tcheky Karyo plays the lead role in “The Tailor.” You’ll be happy to know that Joanna Scanlan, Craig Fairbrass, and Phil Daniels are all-stars in this six-part thriller if that isn’t enough star power for you.

Who is Directing Boat Story?

Harry and Jack Williams will film the first two episodes, and episodes three and four will be directed by The Midwich Cuckoos’ Alice Troughton. Line of Duty’s Daniel Nettheim will lead the final two episodes, giving you a dream cast of directors.

What Are People Saying About Boat Story?

The Williams brothers said of the series they called “hilarious and moving,” “We liked making The Tourist and Boat Story pick up where it left off, at least tonally.”

“Even though we seem to be trying to characterize it, it’s a morality tale, a thriller, and other aspects that make it impossible to define.” The Williams brothers continued, “We cast some of our favorite performers to play its vulnerable, messed up, and colorful characters. Together with our colleague’s directors, we are eager to make this a reality.

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