Scam Interceptors Series 2 Release Date
Scam Interceptors Series 2 Release Date

Scam Interceptors Series 2 Release Date: When is it Coming Out?

Scam Interceptors Series 2 Release Date: Am I Being Unreasonable, a popular comedy-thriller series, surprised audiences with its season finale. The first season of the show ended in a way that, at best, left viewers perplexed and, at worst, traumatized; the episode’s stunning conclusion demanded a second season.

The bizarre, genre-defying show, written by and starring Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli, played out several turns in its plotlines before revealing to viewers the enigmatic reality of what transpired between lead character Nic and her ex-boyfriend Alex. Will there be a second season of Am I Being Unreasonable? The season finale left viewers begging for more. Here, we share all that we are aware of.

Scam Interceptors Series 2 Release Date

Scam Interceptors Series 2 has no specific release date yet. Still, based on the first season’s production schedule, which was shot in 2021 at Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios and premiered in September 2022, the second season will probably air in late 2023 or early 2024. It’s unlikely that season 2 has already started production or that the BBC, who commissioned the show, has set a specific release date.

The show, created by Boffola Pictures and Lookout Point, debuted on BBC One on September 23rd, 2022, and aired its final episode on Friday, October 28th. All episodes of the show were made available on BBC iPlayer on the same day that the first episode aired, which was uncommon for the BBC and allowed impatient viewers to binge the entire series.

Is There a Scam Interceptors Series 2?

Yes, Am I Being Unreasonable will get a second season, according to Daisy Cooper and Selin Hizli. Daisy Cooper and Selin Hizli shared the good news in an Instagram post, saying, “We never imagined this show would be picked up for a second season when we initially started creating it.”

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“We appreciate all of the viewers, and we pledge to do everything in our power to make the second season even better than the first. It will strike you with the dignity and grace of a dump truck backing up without any tires.” The BBC commissioned the show’s second season for pretty selfish reasons, according to Jon Petrie, the director of BBC Comedy, who stated that he and his colleagues were eager to see more episodes of the show.

Scam Interceptors Series 2 Release Date
Scam Interceptors Series 2 Release Date

He stated: “After binge-watching the first season, we had so many unanswered issues that we were selfishly anxious for more Am I Being Unreasonable? in our life. Fortunately, we are aware that our viewers share this sentiment.” “We appreciate Daisy May Cooper, Selin Hizli, Jack Thorne, and the entire Boffola team for coming up with such a hilarious, exciting, and genre-defying show. We eagerly anticipate what will take place next.”

Scam Interceptors Season 1 Episode 8 In Binge Watchers List

The newest craze among binge-watchers has been watching series, particularly with the lockdown that has been in effect since 2020. They don’t just stick to one place or genre; exploring different directions in a series has also recently become the standard. These “Binge watchers” have expanded their horizons to include Korea, Spain, Germany, and many other nations. One such series that many of these binge-watchers have planned to watch is Scam Interceptors.

Scam Interceptors Season 1 Episode 8 on OTT Platforms

Online platforms are increasingly popular places to view series since they allow for the release of extravagant television shows and films. These numerous online platforms, which make it simple for binge-watchers to watch these series with little effort required, have also contributed to the increase in the watch rate for series. Viewers can access online platforms to view Scam Interceptors Season 1 Episode 8.

When To Expect Scam Interceptors Season 1 Episode 8 Release?

As previously mentioned, the eighth episode of Scam Interceptors Season 1 will air on April 13, 2022. Since the last episode, fans of the show have eagerly anticipated the release of Scam Interceptors Season 1 Episode 8.

Fans of Scam Interceptors Season 1 eagerly anticipate the upcoming episodes after the last episode has left them on edge. This may cause the high number of people looking for Scam Interceptors Season 1 Episode 8.

Where to Watch & Stream Scam Interceptors Series 1?

Am I Being Unreasonable’s first season is currently accessible on BBC iPlayer for watching in full or binge-watching? There are six episodes in the series, and each one lasts about 30 minutes.


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